Children's Leaders

Children's LeadersChildren’s Leaders is an innovative and philanthropic program that engages community leaders with a unique opportunity to connect with health care leaders in an intimate, exclusive event setting.

Our goal is to raise awareness of our leading-edge partners in paediatric health and address the highest priority health care needs of children across our region.

Why join Children's Leaders?

  • Network with our region's health care experts
  • Collaborate with other successful professionals
  • Learn how to successfully navigate in the health care and non-profit sectors

What does a Children's Leader do?

1) Commit to a $1,000 annual investment in child health to be pooled together*

By leveraging the collective investment of the group, Children's Leaders will have the opportunity to create significant impact for paediatric patients across our region. There are numerous ways for Leaders to finance the investment:

  • One-time payment;
  • Monthly installments

*Minimum two-year, $2,000 commitment. A charitable tax receipt will be provided for your gift.

2) Learn about the highest priority needs at Children's

Learn where to invest to save and improve lives. The health care practitioners, rehabilitation therapists, and researchers in our Children's family will highlight priority needs, providing the information you need to transform your support into better care for our kids.

3) Decide which project(s) the Leaders fund will support

Collaborate, designate funds, and create real change at Children's. At the end of each year, Children's Leaders will collectively decide which project(s) to fund with their pooled investments.

Funding Recipients

2018 Selected Funding Recipient - NICU Giraffe OmniBed

2017 Selected Funding Recipient - Screening for Concussion Among Adolescents

2016 Selected Funding Recipient - PREP: A mobile application to increase readiness for mental health treatment in waitlisted youth.

How can I get involved with Children's Leaders?

For more information about the program and how you can become a donor, please e-mail or click here to download the donor pledge form.