Children’s Cardiac Care Team

Each year, more than 3,500 kids with congenital heart disease and other heart conditions are closely followed within the Cardiac Care Program at Children’s Hospital  --  which offers 24/7 personal on-call service to answer parents’ questions or concerns.  Our cardiology team consists of 4 paediatric cardiologists, 2 nurse practitioners and a team of diagnostic imaging technologists who provide customized care that helps young patients grow into healthy, active adults.

Dr. Kambiz NoroziDr. Kambiz Norozi

Incoming Chief, Paediatric Cardiology

“As a paediatric cardiologist, my work is my passion. I accompany my little patients and their families throughout their journeys with heart disease. I show my patients that they have the ability to be brave and deal with their disease – and to live healthy, physically active lives.”



Dr. Herschel RosenbergDr. Herschel Rosenberg

Paediatric Cardiologist

"Practicing medicine in itself is a privilege, but the opportunity to care for children is a special gift.  Over the years I have had the opportunity to see critically ill newborns evolve into active happy children; to see families progress from fear and worry to optimism for their child's future"



 Dr. Eva WelischDr. Eva Welisch

Paediatric Cardiologist

“I try to encourage patients and families to live a life with cardiac disease as normal as possible, and my goal is to alleviate transitioning of adolescents into adult care, so that they take on responsibility for themselves and lead a healthy lifestyle.”



Dr. Luis Altamirano-DiazDr. Luis Altamirano-Diaz

Paediatric Cardiologist

 “Working with children is a privilege because they are our future. By offering expertise in the management of congenital heart disease, we are not only helping the children but also helping their families and society.”



Liz Burril, NPLiz Burrill

Nurse Practitioner, Paediatric Cardiac Services

"Cardiology is not just the heart, and paediatrics is not just the child. Paediatric cardiology is the privilege and challenge of walking alongside a family and their child on the road towards health and wellness with heart disease."



Travis KowlessarTravis Kowlessar

Cardiac Sonographer

“Performing echocardiograms on children with heart disease is a stimulating and rewarding diagnostic technique. My work allows cardiologists to create a complete picture when assessing their young patients.”



Diane KapteynDiane Kapteyn

Cardiac Sonographer

 “As a Cardiac Sonographer, I am able to see the beating heart of a child in real time and record the images for cardiologists to evaluate in a non-invasive way. The images I capture help cardiologists determine the condition of the heart and treat if necessary.”



Judy JonesJudy Jones

Cardiac Sonographer

 “I have the best job in the world!  Having an echocardiogram can be very scary for children as well as their parents, so I do whatever I can to minimize their fears and show them the procedure can be a positive experience.”