25th Anniversary Children's Golf Classic

25 Anniversary Children's Golf Classic

Last week, we celebrated the 25th Anniversary of Children’s Golf Classic with three days of fun, families, fairways and philanthropy. Led by the support of our title sponsor, RBC, and with the incredible contributions of our generous sponsors and donors, we welcomed over 1500 community members to Feherty live in London! at the London Convention Centre, as well as to Sunningdale Golf & Country Club for a cocktail reception and double course tournament.

During the first evening of the celebration, over 1300 avid golfers and Children’s supporters laughed alongside PGA personality, David Feherty. Feherty told tales from the professional golf world that were so amusing and absurd you knew they had to be true! The second evening of the celebration included good food, great company and a golf-centric auction. On the third day, we reconvened at Sunningdale where golfers enjoyed a sunny day of golf, delicious treats and friendly service while supporting a great cause. Each of the three days incorporated live auction items that golfers’ dreams are made of, helping us to raise an awesome amount of life-saving funds.

Our incredible donors and sponsors, vivacious volunteers and impassioned participants helped us to raise $510,078 to enhance health care for children in our region. These funds will enable Children’s Hospital, Thames Valley Children's Centre and Children's Health Research Institute to continue to save and improve our kids’ lives. Children and youth will play and grow for many years to come thanks to the exceptional paediatric care that your time, energy and generosity empower.

Thank you to everyone who raised funds for and swung for kids like Zoe Puddy, who joined us as the 25th Anniversary Golf Classic’s patient ambassador. Zoe was the first neonatal infant to be transferred from St. Joseph’s to Children’s Hospital. Delivered at only 29 weeks and 1 pound 4 ounces, Zoe’s family depended on Children’s paediatric specialists and innovative equipment to keep their daughter alive.

Now three years old, Zoe is a beautiful, bubbly young girl who captured the hearts of every attendee as she teed off the Golf Classic tournament. During the festivities, her parents, Paula and Dave, spoke of the ups and downs of their daughter’s difficult journey. Their sincere thank yous and tears of joy reaffirmed the importance of supporting the health care teams and facilities that save and care for our region’s kids.

Your support of Children’s keeps families like Zoe’s happy, healthy and, most importantly, together. Thank you to everyone who was involved in making this year such an incredible success; we could not have done it without you. We look forward to seeing all of you and even more community members next year!