Beating the Odds

Gabe at Children's HospitalWhen Gabe's life hung in the balance, you made sure he had the best possible care.

Gabe and his family faced the biggest test of their lives when he suddenly became ill. His mom, Krista, shares how it took a community, including you, to rally around her son and save his life.

Normal. That’s how I would describe the weeks leading up to Gabe’s medical emergency.

School had started, with Gabe entering Grade 8 and our youngest going into senior kindergarten in Amherstburg, Ontario.

Our biggest worry was finding the boys new activities to keep busy in the fall.

But a disaster was hurtling toward us.

We didn’t realize then that our world was about to stop turning. And the only thing that would matter was our fight to keep Gabe in our lives.

It all started with cold-like symptoms. Gabe took a couple of days off school to feel better. The first day back though, I got a concerned call from his teacher, to say Gabe wasn’t acting like himself.

It was an understatement. He couldn’t buckle his own seat belt when I picked him up. He wouldn’t answer me. He just kept turning his phone on and off, on and off.

I was terrified.

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