Behind the bear: Volunteers create special moments for kids

Dr. Beary Goode and a young patientWhen kids are in the hospital, a grey day can be made a little bit brighter with a small act of kindness. But then again, a big furry moment can do the same.

When Dr. Beary Goode, Children’s Health Foundation’s mascot, makes weekly rounds at Children’s Hospital, London Health Sciences Centre, he tends to inspire a few double-takes, and a lot of ear-to-ear smiles. He is a large fuzzy, friendly bear who will happily share a hug or a high-five, or do a little dance – whatever it takes to brighten someone’s day. He’s brought to life by a team of 16 volunteers who either act as Dr. Beary Goode, or escort him at the hospital and various community events.

“One day Jon and I visited the hospital and stopped in the room of a little girl who was recovering from some intensive surgery. Jon was in the bear suit and when he entered the room the girl just lit up. I could tell her parents had been having a rough time with her recovery and when they saw how happy their daughter was the mother started to cry. She thanked me and Dr. Beary Goode afterwards for bringing a smile to their day.” – Glynn Manchester, Western Student and Dr. Beary Goode volunteer

The Dr. Beary Goode program is one of the many ways volunteers are positively affecting the lives of children and their families. All of our volunteers are an important part of the Children’s family, and they share their time and talents in a variety of ways:

•    on our Board of Directors
•    on our Ambassadors’ Council
•    on Committees and Work Teams
•    as special event volunteers

Regardless of how they choose to give their time, each and every volunteer is working towards one goal – helping to save and improve our kids’ lives. “We are incredibly grateful to our volunteers for bringing their knowledge, expertise and compassion to everything they do for Children’s,” says Susan Crowley, President and CEO of Children’s Health Foundation

“Volunteering has had such a positive impact on my life and it's obvious that it has a positive impact on the kids and families you come in contact with. Plus, when else do you get an opportunity to dance around in a bear suit?”  – Jon Sanderson, Western Student and Dr. Beary Goode volunteer

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