Behind the Scenes of a Dr. Beary Goode Visit

Smiles shine bright on Thursday afternoons at Children’s Hospital, London Health Sciences Centre when Dr. Beary Goode comes to visit. It isn’t just children who get excited to see our big, furry mascot – adults of all ages get a warm, fuzzy feeling when he stops to say hello.

Dr. Beary Goode is the Chief of Hugs and High Fives; he has lost count of just how many he has given out over the years. When you see him around, you never know what to expect. He might be playing superheroes with a young boy, or playing peek-a-boo with an infant. Regardless of the interaction, Dr. Beary Goode is almost guaranteed to turn frowns upside down.

“Before every visit, I like to make sure my scrubs are fresh, my fur is well-groomed and my smile is bright. Looks like I’m about ready to go. Come join me as I visit the sixth floor of Children’s Hospital!” writes Dr. Beary Goode.

“I love being able to bring smiles to children, youth and adults. This young man was so pleased to see me and my heart soared when he shared that I had turned his hospital room from boring to fun.”

“This little cutie was enthralled with a television program until I came in to say hello. Alyssa couldn’t stop giggling as I shuffled close to her hospital bed and then shuffled back as quick as I could. She also got a kick out of my dance moves.”

“Marilyn (right), a long-time employee of Children’s Hospital, made me blush when she shared some very nice things about me on our visit. She said, ‘Dr. Beary Goode brings sunshine to the hospital. Seriously! He makes the patients, staff and everybody smile.’”

“I got a kick out of playing a silly game with Sydney. She had the biggest smile on her face and couldn’t help laughing. Seeing how joyful she was actually brought tears to a family member’s eyes. It was a special moment. Sydney’s dad Andy shared this about my visit, ‘It’s very nice to see someone coming in and cheering up kids when they’re going through hard times.’ Thanks Andy!”

“I had so much fun playing peek-a-boo with Layla and showing her my sweet dance moves. Unfortunately, she didn’t think I was the greatest dancer. I’ll have to work on that.”

“Mercy was fascinated with me. She wanted to know why I was visiting, if my fur was real and what I was wearing. Once her questions were answered, we played some fun games and she invited me to come back tomorrow!”

“As the Chief of Hugs and High Fives, I’m the only doctor allowed in Ashley’s backyard! I can’t wait for my next visit to the sixth floor!”

Without dedicated volunteers, Dr. Beary Goode would not be able to make all of his appearances, whether it is his weekly hospital visit or special community events. Thank you to all of our enthusiastic volunteers who transform themselves into Dr. Beary Goode. We know you have seen the impact you can make on a child’s day and hope you will continue to brighten our patients’ futures with the healing power of smiles and laughter.

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