Bringing Mason to Life-saving Care

Cindy and her husband Josh knew something was wrong when their little boy became lethargic and continuously sick to his stomach just eight days after he was born. But they never expected what would come next. 

Seeking answers, Cindy and Josh had turned to their local hospital. Mason underwent bloodwork and tests. The results came back abnormal. Before they knew it, Mason was being rushed off from Stratford to Children’s Hospital, London Health Sciences Centre for specialized care.

“The transport team came by ambulance and whisked him away in a transport incubator,” recalls Cindy, referring to a piece of equipment that creates a tailored micro-environment to support fragile babies.

“It was the worst-case scenario you could ever possibly be in as a parent. Still, the people were amazing. They got right down to business. Mason was their number one priority.”

Initially, medical professionals thought that Mason had a viral infection, but alarm bells rang as the small baby’s health deteriorated and he began losing weight. Through further testing, they discovered he had a rare condition that causes decreased levels of aldosterone, a hormone essential for regulating blood pressure.

Now seven years old, Mason takes medication to manage his condition and visits Children’s Hospital twice a year for checkups with his doctor.

“My favourite doctor is Dr. Stein; he saved my life!” says Mason.

Cindy continues to be thankful for the care her son received. She is also grateful to donors like SC Johnson. This year, the company gave a grant of $30,000 to Children’s Health Foundation to support the purchase of a new state-of-the-art transport incubator to protect children, like Mason, while they’re enroute to life-saving care from communities across Southwestern Ontario and parts of Northern Ontario.

“We are truly blessed to live in the community we do with an astounding hospital like London Health Science Centre to provide life saving care to children,” says Cindy.

“This is made possible with the generous donations from an amazing donor like SC Johnson who recently provided a grant toward a new state-of-the-art transport incubator. As a parent who has had to go through the unimaginable with their child, it is comforting to know we have partners and businesses out there who care and continue to make these incredible donations. Thank you SC Johnson!”

Children’s Hospital’s transport team unveils a new state-of-the-art transport incubator, which they will use to bring critically-ill babies to life-saving care. The unit was purchased with help by a grant from SC Johnson.