Brothers’ Lives Saved by The Same Transport Team Nurse

In 2018, when the Children’s Hospital Transport Team was called to pick up her sick, newborn son, Sandra never imagined the same nurse that saved her first son’s life two years prior would be there to save her newborn’s life.

The first time Sandra and her husband, Shane, met Jon Hogeterp, a Children’s Hospital nurse, was in 2016. Their two-year-old son, Timothy, had badly burned himself with a pot of boiling water and was rushed to their local hospital in Chatham. Local doctors determined he would need more specialized care. Immediately, they called Children’s Hospital to ask for help. Jon, working on the Neonatal Paediatric Transport Team, was one of the team members that arrived.

Timothy spent months at Children’s Hospital, but thanks to the quick action of the Transport Team, he arrived safely and received the best possible care. Today, scarring remains from his accident, but he is otherwise a happy five-year-old.

Fast-forward to 2018, Ethan arrived with a critical heart defect that was undiagnosed prior to birth. A few hours after delivery, doctors once again realized the care he needed was beyond their expertise and he needed to be sent to Toronto.

And while Children’s Hospital was not where Ethan was being sent for care, its Transport Team was close by with the medication he desperately needed.

The Transport Team arrived, and Jon walked into the room. Sandra was floored.

“I felt safe handing my newborn baby off to Jon. I knew he would be safe because of how he cared for Timothy,” remembers Sandra.

Jon felt a sense of duty to them. He told Sandra, “I will care for Ethan as if he was my own child.” And that he did.

Ethan is now one-year-old and receives follow-up care at Children’s Hospital. Thanks to the Transport Team, he is a thriving young boy.

Sandra and Shane are so grateful to Jon. Not only did he provide care to Timothy in his time of need, but also Ethan. “He was there when our boys needed someone the most. He helped make such a scary time a little easier.”

In August 2019, Sandra, Shane and the boys visited Children’s Hospital to reunite with Jon and let him see how incredible the boys are doing today, thanks to his care. He saw the boys at their worst, and now got to see them at their best.

“It was a truly amazing and humbling experience. To meet not just one success story but two, absolutely reaffirms why I do what I do,” shares Jon.

Donations from the community help to fund the Transport Team and the equipment they use, such as the transport incubator that helped deliver Ethan to Toronto safely. You can be a part of life-saving stories like Timothy and Ethan’s. Donate today.