Cadillac Fairview Empowers Youth to Make Life-Saving Choices

A plummeting feeling fills the students’ stomachs.

A moment ago, they had been joking about their friend being late for the high school trip at Children’s Hospital, London Health Sciences Centre. Now, he’s being rolled past them on a stretcher in the Emergency Department – looking severely wounded.

The students pause with concern before it dawns on them that it’s part of the field trip. Their friend is wearing costume makeup. Nonetheless, the powerful point of the mock incident has already taken root in their minds: trauma can happen to anyone, anywhere, all in an instant.

Injury is the leading cause of death for young Canadians and sadly, it kills more youth than all other causes combined; but incidents like these can be prevented.

Cadillac Fairview, owner and operator of CF Masonville Place in London, generously donated $20,000 towards the Impact Program at Children’s Hospital – essential and life-saving programming aimed at protecting teens.

Through interactive sessions like the one mentioned above, students follow the patient cycle from a mock distracted driving incident, to ambulance, hospital, and finally rehabilitative care. In the Impact Program, participants come to realize the social, economic and personal costs of risky behaviour, thereby empowering them to make better, potentially life-saving choices. First-hand accounts from former patients shed eye-opening light on how one poor decision can drastically change their life or someone else’s.

The Impact Program is also presented in high schools; covering topics like distracted or impaired driving, drugs, binge drinking and peer pressure in an innovative way that resonates with the age group. Last year, Impact staff and volunteers carried out 84 presentations; benefitting more than 9,500 students in the London region.

Brian O’Hoski, General Manager of CF Masonville Place, presented Children’s Health Foundation with a cheque in the amount of $20,000 on behalf of Cadillac Fairview. The donation will help Children’s Hospital, London Health Sciences Centre provide interactive and immersive programming for youth; with a focus on injury prevention education.