Children’s Health Foundation Hosts a Grand Opening Full of Heart!

Every year, more children die from congenital heart disease (CHD) than from all forms of childhood cancer combined. However, funding and awareness surrounding CHD remains limited. On February 12, 2015 a transformational donation of more than $1.3 million from Canadian Pacific (CP) pumped new life into heart health at Children’s Hospital, London Health Sciences Centre and Children’s Health Research Institute (CHRI). This gift will contribute to helping our region’s kids to overcome heart health challenges and enjoy healthy, active lives as they transition into adulthood.  Owen and Rachael in the new CP Healthy Hearts Lab

Through the 2014 Canadian Pacific Women’s Open (CPWO), held in August 2014 at the London Hunt & Country Club, more than $1.3 million was raised to fund the CP Healthy Hearts Laboratory, to launch a Healthy Hearts Research Fund, and to renew Children’s Cardiac Care Centre. The new laboratory includes cardiopulmonary stress testing equipment designed to suit the unique needs of paediatric patients.

At the February 12th launch, paediatric cardiology patients, Owen Gillet and Rachael Wright, joined Children’s Health Foundation to celebrate the opening of Children’s new Healthy Hearts facilities. With the help of cardiologist, Dr. Norozi, and the leader of Children's Health Research Institute, Dr. Han, Rachael and Owen showed community members how the new cardiopulmonary stress testing equipment will monitor their heart health, contributing to knowledge that will enhance their long-term care outcomes.

The CP Healthy Hearts Research Fund will help Children’s researchers to study three different, but complementary arms of heart health research. Children’s cardiologists are looking at the genetic origins of congenital heart disease, with the goal of enhancing early diagnostic and preventative measures. Children’s cardiac team members are also identifying the social and environmental factors that influence cardiovascular disease. Finally, Children’s heart health leaders will study how exercise influences children with CHD, and how it helps to prevent heart disease as children grow into adults.

Children’s Health Foundation, CP’s charitable partner for the 2014 CPWO, offers a heartfelt thanks to all of our Canadian Pacific and Golf Canada partners. Thank you for making this launch possible, and for supporting our Foundation, Children’s Hospital and CHRI to save and improve the lives of the 1 in 100 children born with CHD each year.