Empowering Young Patients Today for Bigger Smiles and Brighter Tomorrows

Children's Hospital patient Rebecca enjoys a Smile CookieWhen you bought a Smile Cookie last September, you didn’t just buy a tasty treat, you helped paediatric patients feel empowered during a time of confusion and uncertainty. Thank you to Tim Hortons and its customers for helping to raise $247,940 for Art Therapy at Children’s Hospital, London Health Sciences Centre.

The Art Therapy Program gives children in the hospital a creative outlet in which to work through their emotions and distract them from painful medical procedures in a way that is therapeutic. Whether they are painting, drawing or creating a popsicle stick masterpiece, Art Therapy adds a little bit of fun to a child’s hospital visit and normalizes their experiences. A program as important to a child’s hospital visit as this would not be possible without community support.

“Art Therapy is so important to me and other patients because it gives us a chance to not only express ourselves through creativity but to think about our treatment and contribute to our recovery. Art Therapy provides us with new coping strategies and the therapists are nonjudgmental and allow us to be our true selves.” – Emily, 17 years old.

To date, Smile Cookie Week has raised $1,597,508 for Children’s Health Foundation! Thank you for supporting our region’s kids, and helping to make our hospital a happier place, with more smiling faces and cheerful memories!

Tim Hortons presents the cheque for funds raised during Smile Cookie Week