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Cathal and Daithi

Cathal and Daithi are identical twins with a health care journey as unique as they are. At just seven years of age, the boys have undergone 16 surgeries combined and spent over 18 months in hospital.

The boys were born nine weeks too soon and their prematurity left them vulnerable. Their tiny, underdeveloped lungs deprived them of the ability to breathe on their own. Ventilation helped at first, but it wasn’t long before a tracheotomy was necessary and the three month old infants underwent intense surgery.

Prematurity didn’t just affect their lungs. Cathal and Daithi require support from many areas of Children’s Hospital, including the Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic, Respiratory Therapy, Nephrology, Neurology, and every now and again, Orthopaedics. “Something that would make another kid sick for a week will definitely land my boys in the hospital,” shares their mom, Dalan.

Extra Life Event at Children's Hospital

While Cathal and Daithi’s health care journey has been extensive and difficult, the boys are on track to a bright future ahead. In January 2017, Daithi had his tracheotomy removed which involved a seven hour surgery. Cathal plans to have his removed in summer 2018. Both boys are thankful they can enjoy the things they love, like playing sports, because of the wonderful care they receive at Children’s Hospital.

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