A New Perspective

TD employee Mandy will always remember the day her twin girls, Addison and Aubrey, were born. However, she never thought it would happen at only six months pregnant.

After a routine appointment, Mandy wasn’t feeling well so her husband, Jake, took her to the hospital just to make sure everything was okay. Unexpectedly, her body was getting ready for early labour. “I will never forget it. I was given a shot for their lung development, an IV for their brain development and then put on a stretcher and whisked down the hall. I remember feeling absolutely terrified.”

After three days of monitoring and her health care team taking the time to let her know what to expect, Mandy gave birth to Addison and Aubrey, weighing slightly over two pounds each. Medical professionals were on standby to get the premature twins to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Children’s Hospital, London Health Sciences Centre right away.

Aubrey was in hospital for 70 days; Addison for 85. The tiny, fragile girls spent most of their time in their Giraffe OmniBeds, which mimicked the cozy, warm womb they left a little too soon. With underdeveloped lungs not quite ready for air, a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine helped them breathe. Due to their prematurity, both girls had brain bleeds, which can be very serious. Thankfully, theirs resolved without complications.

Despite the stressful scenario they were in, Mandy and Jake felt fortunate.

“All things considered, the girls were healthy. They weren’t ventilated, didn’t need operations, they were good. We were lucky.”

Fast-forward almost three years, the vibrant little girls are doing just fine thanks to the incredible care they received at Children’s Hospital. They love to dance and sing, and are obsessed with all things Disney. To ensure they continue to grow-up healthy, they are followed yearly by the Developmental Follow-Up Clinic at the hospital.

Every year during the month of June, TD employees inspire customers to help kids like Addison and Aubrey at Children’s Hospital. As a TD employee, Mandy supports Children’s Miracle Network through the company every year, however now has a new outlook on the campaign. “I knew about Children’s Hospital and would support the campaign, but it means so much more to us now, it’s so important!”

From May 29 to June 18, visit your local TD branch and sign up for Automatic Monthly Donations to support kids like Addison and Aubrey. Funds raised support life-saving equipment, like the Giraffe Omnibed and CPAP machines that saved their lives, as well as value-added programs and services that help the whole family. When you give a little, they get a lot!