Overcoming OCD, Brick by Brick

Charlotte KellyIn the fall of 2014, Charlotte Kelly began to see troublesome changes in her behaviour. Her hands looked like “red mittens,” chapped and raw from constant washing. Worried that her clothes might be contaminated, she changed them repeatedly. She couldn’t bring herself to touch money. “There were days when Charlotte was spending seven or eight hours just being afraid to breathe, to eat, to touch things, to go to bed,” says her mom Leslie. “I don’t remember much about that time,” says Charlotte, “because my thoughts were going so fast.”

Recognizing she needed help, Charlotte began working with a therapist at Children’s Hospital, London Health Sciences Centre. Her treatment for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder began in March 2015 and she saw incredible improvement quickly. By June Charlotte was feeling much better. Today, she is pursuing her interest in sewing and design, and spending quality time with her beloved cat Jackson.

Leslie says getting Charlotte into treatment was a big relief.

“I don’t know where we’d be if we hadn’t had someone to get us through. When I look back, it feels like we were in the middle of a tornado – and then all of a sudden we emerged.”

Chances are, Charlotte might have waited longer, if not for the donor funded work done by Dr. Julie Eichstedt, a clinical psychologist at Children’s Hospital. She led an innovative project that succeeded in reducing wait times from as long as 14 months to less than three months in 2015.

It is through support from our partners, like The Brick, that Children’s Hospital health care teams are able to provide kids with the care they need, when they need it. Committed to improving the lives of children, The Brick partners with Children’s Miracle Network to raise funds for Children’s Hospital through a year-long campaign that funds important programs and services, like the one that helped Charlotte.

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