The Rexall Foundation Breathes New Life Into Paediatric Health Care

Respiratory Therapist Gary Cambridge demonstrates the SiPAP machineFor critically ill babies or those who have come into the world too soon, breathing can be very difficult. The best possible respiratory support is essential for babies’ optimal short- and long-term care outcomes as the inability to breathe properly can result in brain damage, disability or even death. To make a difference in the lives of our most vulnerable patients, the Rexall Foundation presented Children’s Health Foundation with a $50,000 donation on August 26 for the purchase of two Synchronized intermittent Positive Airway Pressure (SiPAP) machines. These machines will go to help the hundreds of babies that are admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Children’s Hospital, London Health Sciences Centre every year.

SiPAP machines are non-invasive, helping babies to breathe on their own and protecting their lungs from damage. Their innovative design also enables babies to make sounds and to be held more easily, for which their families are very grateful.

“Thank you to the Rexall Foundation for making quality of life for these fragile babies your priority,” said Susan Crowley, President and CEO, Children’s Health Foundation. “With your generous gift you are supporting many young lives each year, bringing the hope for a happy, healthy baby to hundreds of families across Southwestern Ontario and parts of Northern Ontario.”

During a trip to the NICU, the representatives from the Rexall Foundation were shown just how impactful their gift is. They saw, firsthand, babies who are currently relying on SiPAP to breathe. At any given time, there can be up to 40 infants being cared for within the NICU, and as many as 10 of these fragile patients require SiPAP at one time. With the Rexall Foundation’s gift allowing for the purchase of two machines, more families can feel assured their little ones are receiving the breathing support they need to thrive.

“The Rexall Foundation values the role it plays in helping the delivery of numerous programs and services, especially in communities such as London, where our stores are located,” shared Paul Dale, Vice President, Rexall Foundation. “Rexall’s family includes some of the most caring, dedicated and passionate people in Canada. It is because of the hard work of our employees, and the partnership with our customers and vendors, that we’re able to make donations such as this one, to support children’s health.”

                                       Rexall Foundation presents the $50,000 cheque

Children’s Health Foundation and the babies and families who benefit from SiPAP are so grateful to all of our donors who support the NICU. You have created a place that nurtures health, well-being and hope for our newborns’ bright futures.