Starting School Off Right

When Natalie speaks about her son, whether she’s sharing his successes or challenges, her tone is filled with positivity and care. It’s clear with every word how much she loves her friendly, bright-eyed boy and wants him to enjoy a full life.  

“All I want to do is give him all the tools he needs to succeed in life, whether he succeeds in the conventional way or if he finds another route,” she shares.

Having been diagnosed with autism as a toddler, Logan faces some unique challenges and requires additional support in reaching his developmental milestones. 

For Natalie and her family, Thames Valley Children’s Centre (TVCC) has been a wonderful resource in helping Logan be at his best. 

With Logan starting school for the first time this year, Natalie took advantage of TVCC’s Getting Ready for School program. Children spend four days navigating a school-like environment while parents come together to discuss their concerns, identify support strategies, learn how to successfully advocate for their child and hopefully form connections with each other that will last outside of the program. 

It was wonderful to be in a group where everyone understood and was wonderfully supportive, shares Natalie. Although she knew Logan was ready for school, it was a huge relief to see how he could adapt to the new environment. 

“Seeing the difference from day one to day four was just incredible,” says Natalie, explaining that TVCC staff took videos of the children throughout the program to show their triumphs and tribulations. “I love being able to see what he was able to do … Just being able to see him playing with other kids and actually taking turns. He did sit a little bit for circle time. We’ve been working on that since he was young.”

Getting Ready for School could not exist without the generosity of Children’s Health Foundation donors. Thank you for helping to give children with special needs and their families the confidence and support they need to start school on a positive note, which will set the tone for the entire year.