Turning Smile Cookies into Works of Art

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More masterpieces from our young patient artists will decorate the walls of Children’s Hospital, London Health Sciences Centre thanks to Tim Hortons and its generous customers. One delicious Smile Cookie at a time, our community supported Smile Cookie Week to raise $226,676 for the Art Therapy Program at Children’s Hospital.

Art therapy is about more than painting pretty pictures or drawing family portraits. It is about giving young patients and their siblings an opportunity to express the difficult emotions they may be experiencing. It helps children to explore their thoughts and feelings about illness and treatment. Through creative expression, art therapy is a beneficial, therapeutic tool that is meaningful to kids and their families.

“My favourite thing to do in art therapy is paint. I like to paint because I get to use my imagination and it relaxes me,” shares nine-year-old Andie. This brave, resilient young girl has Diamond-Blackfan Anemia and endures blood transfusions at Children’s Hospital every three weeks. Art therapy helps her through these visits.

To date, Smile Cookie Week has raised over $1.8 million for Children’s Health Foundation! Thank you for brightening the days of our young patients. With each heart-warming Smile Cookie, you are supporting them on their health care journeys!

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