Volunteers Needed for Dr. Beary Goode!

Dr. Beary Goode visits Hunter in the PCCUYou've probably seen him before. Maybe during his rounds at the hospital, or at an event in the community.

Dr. Beary Goode is the Cheif of Hugs and High Fives and brings a smile to faces young and old. Along with his important job comes a busy schedule, working weekdays, evenings and even weekends. When he isn’t visiting children in the hospital, he is attending special fundraising events in the community. He is also quite famous - almost everywhere he goes he is stopped for a photo or a hug!

Children's Health Foundation is currently looking for dedicated volunteers to fill the role of Dr. Beary Goode. This is a perfect opportunity for someone who loves to make others smile, and make people's days brighter.

Each Thursday afternoon Dr. Beary Goode is expected to do his rounds at Children's Hospital, London Health Sciences Centre. Not only does he bring joy and comfort to kids, but their families as well. Check out these behind the scenes snapshots of a Dr. Beary Goode visit!

When Dr. Beary Goode isn't at the hospital, he is helping spread joy for Children's Health Foundation at local community events and fundraisers. Shift times may vary and may be on evenings or weekends. 

Interested in suiting-up? Contact Children's Health Foundation or fill out a volunteer application form.