Enhance Quality of Life

enhance children's quality of life

mobility therapy at TVCCAt Thames Valley Children’s Centre donor support plays a crucial role in helping to enhance children’s quality of life through a wide variety of community-funded programs, that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

Expand the Adapted Fitness Centre: As the first adapted therapeutic centre for children and youth in Canada, the adapted fitness centre is a mini gymnasium with fully customizable equipment that can be adapted to the capabilities of each child. Donor support is helping us expand this model into the community to help even more children expand their fitness boundaries.

Support the Equipment Services and Resource Lending Program: Through this vital resource, approximately 4,000 pieces of equipment are available for loan (everything you can imagine) to our clients, free of charge. From simple implements like cutlery, to standing frames, adaptive bicycles and beach chairs.

Gait Lab: Through this innovative lab, we are able to provide real-time images of a child’s walk, combined with new technology, to test how much oxygen the child is using to determine their best therapeutic options. A tremendous benefit to the physical therapists and orthopedic surgeons, the data from this leading Canadian program is so detailed and accurate that this program has helped reduce the number of required surgeries.

Thames Valley Children’s Centre is truly an abilities, not a disabilities centre.