Fund Innovative Research

fund innovative research at CHRI

Children's Health Research Institute Researcher
While translational research may have once been defined as “from bench to bedside”, today we have a broader, more encompassing approach best described as “from bench to bedside, to the playground”.

Recruit the best and brightest minds: Research is a team sport; advances are best made through collaboration and a team-based approach. Your support helps us bring the best minds together across the city, province and country for an even greater impact on children’s lives.

Build a network of child health researchers across the globe: Donor support helps us recruit graduate students and clinicians, to train and help build the next generation of researchers and scientists.

Fund critical trials: Thanks to donor support, we were recently able to launch a neuromuscular fellowship program at our Neuromuscular Research Centre – one of the more advanced clinical trial sites anywhere in the world for neuromuscular disease. Similar programs in acquired brain injury, congenital heart disease rehabilitation and personalized medicine are at various stages of recruiting, analysis and reporting.

These are just a few of the many ways that your research dollars are helping to make a difference. Thank you for helping to fund critical pilot projects, search out new treatments and make medical breakthroughs possible.

Without you, none of this crucial research would be possible.