Close your eyes and go to your secret world!

Mckenna with her bookWhen 11-year-old Mckenna gets an MRI at Children’s Hospital at London Health Sciences Centre she closes her eyes and imagines she is in a magical place. Sometimes she is swimming with mermaids or in a pool of JELL-O balls. One time she met a talking needle. Using her imagination, Mckenna’s secret world helps her cope with whatever health challenge she is facing.

In her self-published short story The Secret Portal, Mckenna takes you through one of her journeys. Along the way you will meet a giant needle, Dr. Beary Goode and a mermaid queen. You will travel to a land with a mountain made out of ice cream. The Secret Portal can be purchased online for $20 and proceeds benefit Children’s Health Foundation.

“The [Children’s] Hospital has done so much for me, I thought this would be a good way to do something for them. The hospital is full of fabulous people, but sometimes procedures aren’t fun or easy and I found a great way to cope. And it can help others too, so close your eyes and go to your secret world!” shares Mckenna.

At the age of four, Mckenna was ambulanced from Windsor to London, Ontario where she was diagnosed with a pilocytic astrocytoma, a type of brain tumour. The young girl underwent a 15-hour surgery. Then at the age of eight, Mckenna was diagnosed with severe scoliosis. She was fitted for a brace which she wears for 20 hours each day. Today,Mckenna continues to make regular visits to Children’s Hospital for check-ups.

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