First-Time Donors Super Tax Credit

Charitable donations are eligible for tax credits. If you are a first time donor to any charity, you may be interested to know more about a new Federal First Time Donors Super Tax Credit, initiated in 2013.

The Canadian government recently announced a new First-Time Donors Super Tax Credit to encourage Canadians to make first-time charitable donations or for those who have not claimed a charitable tax donation in the last five years. As part of the Super Tax Credit; credits on donations of up to $200 increase from 15% to 40%, and on donations greater than $200, tax credits increase to 54%.

The Super Tax Credit for First-Time Donors:

  • is eligible for all donations (up to $1,000) made after March 21, 2013
  • can only be claimed once
  • is only for donations made by individuals (not businesses) who have not claimed and whose spouse has not claimed a charitable tax credit on their tax return in the last 5 years
  • is eligible until 2017

If you would like additional information or to verify if you qualify for the Super Tax Credit for First-Time Donors, simply contact your accountant or the Canada Revenue Agency.

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