It's Simple. Your Legacy is Their Future.

Rhonda’s story inspired her legacy for kids

In the 1950s, when Rhonda King was a 5 year old in hospital with rheumatic fever she longed for someone to give her crayons and drawing paper to help pass the time, but there was nothing to do but think.
Because of the memories of her hospital stay, and the importance she places on art as a tool to help children, Rhonda chose to leave a legacy gift to Children’s Health Foundation. She wanted to ensure that there would always be an art therapy program at Children's Hospital.

Read Rhonda’s story.

Your Legacy Can be a Child’s Future

Your legacy, their future.Planning your legacy is a chance to tell your life story. It’s a way to celebrate the people, events and causes that have inspired, motivated and touched you throughout your lifetime. It is also an opportunity to help children and their families from across our region as they build their own life stories.

Creating your Legacy

Anyone can make a legacy gift, and arranging your gift is a simple process. It’s just a matter of taking the first step.
By planning your legacy, you decide how your assets are directed in a way that is most meaningful to you – and most financially beneficial for you and your family. In fact, choosing to include a legacy gift in your estate plan can positively affect your current tax situation or that of your heirs.

You can choose to direct your gift to an area of health care, research or rehabilitation that has special significance for you, or you can simply choose to support the highest priority needs of the Children’s Family.
The decisions you make today will help save and improve our kids’ lives for years to come.

Some options you may consider include:

We can help

Our team will work closely with you and your advisors, on a confidential basis, to help choose the best options for you and your family; ensuring that your legacy of care reflects your priorities and will have a lasting impact.

The forms that will help you give the gift of health & happiness:


 Janet cares so deeply about the work at Children’s, that she made the decision to include Children’s in her Will and become a Legacy Partner.

Read Janet's story.


For more information about legacy giving, please contact:

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Disclaimer:  This information is provided solely for the interest of friends and donors to Children’s Health Foundation.  However, Children’s Health Foundation is not a source of legal, tax, or financial advice and the information set out herein should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional advice.  While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, the information set out herein may not apply in all situations or provinces (especially Quebec).  You are encouraged to discuss your will provisions and language fully with you own lawyer (or notary), who needs to draft your will for you.