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Excite your taste buds and your mind!

Wednesday, January 26, 2022
7 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Location: Zoom

Join us as we pair chocolate with ground-breaking research. 

You’ll tickle your taste buds while your mind explores an important health topic and the innovations that could change our future.

This is an invite-only event and the cost is free to you

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an interactive discussion that will excite the mind.

Interactive Topic of Discussion

Problems with pain: could we help earlier – much earlier?

One in four of us live with problem pain.

Chronic pain is a serious health issue, impacting our loved ones, our co-workers and our neighbours. Due to lost productivity, health care utilization and more
– chronic pain costs Canada more than $60 billion annually.

It’s time to look at pain differently. It’s time to prevent problem pain instead of chasing band-aid solutions. But where do we start?

Join our panel of experts for an interactive discussion. We’ll explore the nature of pain and where it all goes wrong to uncover important clues. Our experts will also share the innovative work they’re undertaking to build a brighter future.

Come with your comments, questions and personal experiences.

Meet the Panel

Meet Dr. Naveen Poonai.

Dr. Naveen Poonai is a national leader in acute pain research. He has published over 75 peer-reviewed articles, been a guest speaker at 20 events in six countries and been recognized with no less than five award titles for his research on procedural sedation and management of acute pain in children. He is currently the principal investigator for PRECIPICE: Predictors of chronic pain and related conditions in children – a longitudinal cohort study.

Dr. Naveen Poonai, Emergency Department physician with Children’s Hospital, Chair of the Children’s Health & Therapeutics Division of the Children’s Health Research Institute

Dr. Dwight Moulin, Professor in Western’s Departments of Clinical Neurological Sciences and Oncology at the Schulich School of Medicine

Meet Dr. Dwight Moulin.

Dr. Dwight Moulin was Earl Russell Chair of Pain Medicine until 2020. He has published extensively on the management of chronic pain, authoring over 100 scientific papers and numerous book chapters. He has also led ground-breaking trials and studies on pain management for non-cancer pain and neuropathic pain, as well as spearheading the recognition of the pain experienced with neurological disorders. Dr. Moulin is a Chronic Pain Specialist on PRECIPICE.

Meet Colleen Haskett.

Colleen Haskett is an active volunteer with the CHWO Family Advisory Committee and a Family Resource Facilitator with the Paediatric Family Resource Center. She is passionate about health equity, diversity and inclusion and regularly speaks to the impact of chronic pain on varying patient populations. As a parent to three young adults, two of whom live with chronic pain, she has lived experience advocating for their needs in education, health care and workplace systems. Mrs. Haskett is also a Patient Partner with Solutions for Kids in Pain (SKIP) and recognizes the need for ongoing patient engagement to support knowledge translation. Mrs. Haskett is the Patient Engagement Lead on PRECIPICE.

Colleen Haskett, Family Resource Facilitator with Children’s Hospital
and Patient Partner with Solutions for Kids in Pain (SKIP)


Dr. Craig Campbell, Chair (Interim), Department of Paediatrics, Children’s Hospital, LHSC

Meet Dr. Craig Campbell.

Dr. Craig Campbell is the Interim Chair of Pediatrics, the Head of the Division of Pediatric Neurology and the medical director of the multidisciplinary neuromuscular clinic based at TVCC and the Pediatric Neurophysiology Laboratory at Children’s Hospital, London Health Sciences Centre.

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