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Build a Brighter 100 Years

You can help stop the hurt – and build a brighter next 100 years.


We are facing a pain crisis. It’s costing $60 billion every year and, more than that, it’s ruining the lives of our loved ones and our neighbours.


Research has proven that pain negatively alters children and youth’s brains and bodies, leading to severe issues that can last into adulthood.

Join our campaign to revolutionize paediatric pain management and bring an end to the pain crisis.

Your support will help to address concerning statistics:

1 in 4 adults are affected by chronic pain.

30%+ of chronic pain sufferers report that their symptoms started as a kid.

The most common type of disability is pain related.

Persistent pain impacts: mental health, ability to work, relationships, education and training.

Expert health professionals and researchers from across Children’s Hospital at London Health Sciences Centre, Children’s Health Research Institute and TVCC are collaborating to protect kids from pain now and change the face of health care.


Your care and generosity will directly support the launch of PRECIPICE: Predictors of chronic pain and related conditions in children – a longitudinal cohort study.


This important study will identify factors that cause chronic pain, helping health care professionals detect pain early and prevent children with acute pain from becoming adults with chronic pain.


Like discovering insulin to treat diabetes 100 years ago, decades from now future generations will look back on today’s innovative research and be thankful that their ancestors had the forethought to address the pain crisis.


“Before having chronic pain, all of my energy went in to accomplishing school, doing homework, being the president of the music council, all these other things. Suddenly, all of my energy was focused on, ‘how am I going to get through the day?”

– Sarah, describing her life at age 15

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