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Join us for an intimate presentation to celebrate and highlight the role that Children’s Health Foundation legacy donors and others play in supporting Children’s Hospital.

This is an invite-only event and the cost is free to you.

Spaces are limited! Please be sure to RSVP by May 3 to secure your spot.


Learn more about rare diseases from
Children's Hospital Health Care Professionals

Children’s Hospital is conducting extensive research on rare diseases to improve diagnosis, treatment, and ultimately, patient outcomes. Rare diseases are conditions that affect a small number of people, often with limited treatment options. Research in this field is critical to advancing our understanding of these diseases and developing new therapies.

Legacy donors of Children’s Health Foundation play an essential role in this research by providing funding and resources that enable researchers to conduct studies, develop new treatments, and improve patient care. Your contributions make it possible to continue important work that can help improve the lives of children and families affected by rare diseases.
Come with your comments, questions, and personal experiences.

Enjoy informative presentations by Children’s Hospital’s esteemed healthcare professionals, along with Children’s Hero Ambassador, Cole Heesels. Cole will share how your generosity has had an incredible impact on transforming children’s health care for kids like him.

Dr. Craig Campbell MD, MSc, FRCPC
Chair Physician Executive Lead, Department of Paediatrics
Dr. Andréanne Zizzo MD, MSc, FRCPC
Physician, Paediatric Gastroenterology/Hepatology/Transplant/Nutrition
Cole Heessels
Children's Hero Ambassador, atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (aHUS) resulting in loss of limbs

About Children's Hospital

Children’s Hospital offers the most advanced paediatric care in the region. You may not know that each year it is counted on by more than 66,000 children, from birth to age 18, living in Western Ontario.

When a child’s life is threatened, our medical professionals have the expertise to offer world-class care in more than 30 different medical specialties and sub-specialties. It is the third largest paediatric acute care centre in Canada and is located on the Victoria Hospital campus of London Health Sciences Centre.

Children’s Hospital is affiliated with Western University and Children’s Health Research Institute, offering an environment rich in education and research opportunities that attract the very best and brightest to save kids’ lives. Our medical professionals care for patients from across the vast geographical region of Western Ontario – which includes urban, rural and remote Northern areas. Close to half of all patients come from outside of London. Our highly skilled transport team utilizes leading-edge technology and specialized medical protocols to travel into communities to bring children to life-saving care.

Tim Cox’s Home – 150 Edgewater Blvd, Komoka, Ontario, N0L 1R0

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Vicki Hayter

Director, Legacy Giving

Children’s Health Foundation

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Vicki Hayter
Director, Legacy Giving

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