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Are you looking for fun ways to engage your class this year? Whether online or physically distancing in a classroom, your students can take ownership of kid-friendly fundraising initiatives and become inspired with how much they can do to support kids just like them at Children’s Hospital!

Stand By Sick Kids at Children's Hospital

Children across the region continue to face life-threatening and life-limiting diagnoses – even in a global pandemic. Community support ensures these kids receiving the best possible care and most possible hope at returning to a normal childhood at Children’s Hospital and Thames Valley Children’s Centre.

Opportunities for Students of Any Age!

Extra Life

Do you have a board game, video game or eSports club at your school? Play games – heal kids! Hundreds of gamers raised $73,000 last year simply by playing the games they love! Learn More


Dance Marathon

Get your student body moving. Dancing for kids’ health is easy and fun! Students from Catholic Central High School raised over $34,000 in 2018! Learn More

Miracle Mission

Accept the mission to take back kids health by becoming a Miracle Mission Agent. Host your own fundraisers and your students can be like Ella, who raised $1,000! Learn More


KMs 4 Kids’ Cancer

During the month of September – Childhood Cancer Awareness Month – your class can pledge to walk, run or bike as many KMs as you can! Learn More

Dr. Beary Goode’s Birthday Club

In lieu of gifts, your students can ask for donations in honour of their birthday to support a sick child at Children’s Hosptial. Learn More

Children’s Youth Philanthropy Group

For older kids (ages 14-24) this group will create a plan for a fundraising event and work within a committee to see it through. Perfect for those looking to expand their skills! Contact us to learn more.

Interested in getting involved?

Connect with Jaynel at to learn more about how you, your school or your kids can get involved with these fundraising programs!

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