Your Donations Make a Difference

Each year, Children’s Health Foundation works with each of our partners, Children’s Hospital, TVCC, and Children’s Health Research Institute to identify their priorities for support. Striving to save lives and improve children’s health and quality of life, our partners identify programs, equipment, research and education needs that will result in better outcomes for children and families and provide the best care possible.

Children’s Health Foundation staff and Board of Directors reviews partner priorities and makes commitments to fund these priorities that support our vision of saving lives and children’s health and quality of life.

To fulfill the funding commitments or grants made to its partners, Children’s Health Foundation raises funds from individuals, businesses, organizations and communities through events, sponsorship, lotteries, donations, legacies, and partnerships with Children’s Miracle Network and Canada’s Children’s Hospital Foundations.

How Your Donations Contributed to Paediatric Health Care in 2022-2023:

Children’s revenue, including donations received, was $13.7 million.

  • $4.5 million enabled kids to heal faster with the support of specialized paediatric care and programs at Children’s Hospital.
  • $1.2 million was granted to support rehabilitation services and programs at TVCC.
  • $1.8 million to support paediatric research conducted by scientists and fellows at Children’s Health Research Institute.

4 Parental and Baby Care Initiaives, 6+ Innovation and Research Efforts, 6+ Medical Resoure Programs, 6 Family Navigation and Comfort Programs, 12 Mental Health and Emotional Safety Programs


As an Imagine Canada Accredited Organization, Children’s Health Foundation is committed to being financially accountable to our donors and following a set of standards for managing and reporting our financial affairs responsibly.

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