Children's Holiday Toy Drive 2020

To keep you and our staff safe, please click here to book a drop-off time to deliver your toy donation.

You can help put a smile on a child’s face through fun and games while in hospital. 

Currently we are only accepting Lego, receiving blankets and art supplies/kits for our patients.

Please refer to the FAQ below to see our guidelines for gift in kind donations and what we can and cannot accept.

Our patients range from infants to teens. If you are interested in donating toys, games, or craft items, please consult our Gifts In Kind Donation Wish List for ideas and guidelines on what would be appropriate for all age groups.

Frequently Asked Questions

Brand new, unwrapped items can be brought to the Children’s Health Foundation Office at 345 Westminster Avenue, London Ontario. Visit our Contact Us page for more information.

Some gifts aren’t so safe for sick kids! Due to infection control guidelines, allergies, compromised immune systems, safety precautions and limited space, we can only accept donations that are on our wish list. All donations must be NEW and recently purchased.


  • Gift wrapped gifts
  • Scented products
  • Items made from latex 
  • Used toys and used stuffed animals/plush or cloth toys
  • Food, treats or candy
  • Items with corporate branding
  • Toys stuffed with shredded foam, small pellets or beans. Look for items filled with fabric or solid foam. 
  • Toys with detachable parts (like button eyes) that could be removed, and swallowed or inhaled. 
  • Electrical, spark-producing or friction producing toys 
  • Fragile toys that can break into small pieces with sharp edges 
  • Toys made of glass or brittle plastic 
  • Toys with sharp edges or protrusions 
  • Toys or craft kits with toxic paints or glues 
  • Toys with parts that can pinch fingers or pull hair 
  • Toy guns and other violent toys 
  • No LARGE ride-on toys or LARGE dolls, stuffed animals, or toys 
  • Violent movies and video games
  • Sports equipment

Due to an influx in knitted and crocheted items, these types of gifts will no longer be accepted until further notice. This includes handmade quilts.

No, we are not accepting handmade quilts of any kind at this time.

Your donations will be distributed to our patients throughout the entire year. Gifts in kind are given to patients and their siblings during the holiday season, birthdays, celebrations, in waiting areas and when patients are admitted and discharged. If you’re making a donation during the holiday season, your gifts will be used as presents for all children who are in the hospital over the holidays.

For safety, privacy, and health reasons, donors are not allowed to distribute gifts directly to patients and families.

Children’s Hospital at London Health Sciences Centre has a gift donation policy that requires all donations to be facilitated through the Children’s Health Foundation.