Meet Teaghan, our 2021 Children's Miracle Network Champion Child

CMN Champions

It was terrifying for Teaghan and her family when she was diagnosed with Lysosomal Acid Lipase Deficiency (LAL-D), a rare, metabolic liver disorder. Doctors predicted, in the best case, she would only live to 20 years old.

Thankfully, her team at Children’s Hospital was able to get her on a life-saving enzyme medication.

Every other Monday she spends the day at Children’s Hospital to receive the medication. And although she misses a lot of school, Teaghan has a lot of friends there to make her stays easier, like Erika her Child Life Specialist, Gill her Art Therapist, and Ollie the Therapeutic Clown.

She will continue these appointments for the rest of her life, or until there is a cure for her metabolic disorder. Despite all that she goes through, Teaghan is a happy 14-year-old thanks to Children’s Hospital.