Meet Tia, our 2022 Children's Miracle Network Champion Child

CMN Champions

Tia was only two years old when her physician heard a heart murmur and referred her to Children’s Hospital. Her family was shocked to discover she had multiple congenital heart defects and required surgery in Toronto.

During her heart surgery, doctors addressed two of Tia’s defects. They removed a narrowed section of her aorta and closed a duct that runs between the pulmonary artery and the aorta which should have closed on its own after birth. Throughout her journey, she never complained once about doctor appointments or procedures—this mighty toddler was determined. Just three days after heart surgery, Tia was discharged from the hospital. She easily hit every target and was out the door – ready to take on the world! With her strong, rambunctious nature, nothing was going to slow her down.

As Tia grows, and her heart grows along with her, doctors at Children’s Hospital keep a close watch for any signs of change in her heart function. While many families must travel long distances to receive expert care, the paediatric care team at Children’s Hospital means Tia gets exceptional care close to home. Once a year, Tia has a complete cardiology check-up that includes an echo, ECG, and blood pressure monitoring. Thanks to the paediatric cardiac team Tia’s heart is healthy and strong.

Today, Tia is an ambitious 13-year old who loves to draw and does karate! But, if it weren’t for the outstanding care, support and services offered by Children’s Hospital she simply would not be here today.

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