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The Lions Keep Life-Changing Eye Surgeries in London

When you think of cataracts, you generally think of the older population. But Erin and Greg learned otherwise when they discovered their three-day-old baby, Jack, had cataracts so thick he could not see. Dr. Inas Makar, Jack’s ophthalmologist at... Read more

One of Eight

A family shares the challenging and heartbreaking journey of learning their son has a rare disease. Tammy was feeding her five-week-old baby, Jasper, as he sat silently in her arms. When she looked down adoringly at her young boy, shock took over... Read more

Generous Gift Will Help Kids Get Healthy Night Sleep

An Ontario family is rejoicing following news of a significant philanthropic gift that will help establish a new and critically-needed sleep lab at Children’s Hospital, London Health Sciences Centre. Air Canada Foundation granted nearly $80,000 to... Read more

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