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Mending Tia's Heart

When Tia was two years old, doctors discovered a heart murmur. Her family was shocked to learn that Tia had multiple congenital heart defects and would require surgery. As Tia grows, she continues to rely on the support of Children’s Hospital to... Read more

2 Brothers. 2 Hearts. 2x The Impact.

Brothers, Jacob and Luke, both have a heart condition. They rely on the cardiology unit at Children’s Hospital, London Health Sciences Centre to stay healthy and strong. They also rely on support from caring individuals, like you. Jacob’s mom... Read more

An Unbelievable Dream Lottery

Dream Lottery had unbelievably good support this Fall, selling out on the November 21 Bonus Deadline. The Money and Memories Calendar component of the lottery sold out days earlier. The 50/50 soared to a record high $1,074,045. London Health... Read more

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