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A Smarter Way To Monitor Tiny BrainZ

Last year, Children’s Health Foundation asked the community to support the purchase of an important piece of equipment for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Children’s Hospital, London Health Sciences Centre – a BrainZ monitor. In April... Read more

Tiny Equipment for Tiny Infants

Coming into the world three months early by emergency C-section, baby Zoe weighed only 1 lb 4 oz. Her mom, Paula, puts into perspective just how small this really is: “Zoe’s whole hand, including her fingers, was smaller than the tip of my thumb.... Read more

Bringing Mason to Life-saving Care

Cindy and her husband Josh knew something was wrong when their little boy became lethargic and continuously sick to his stomach just eight days after he was born. But they never expected what would come next.  Seeking answers, Cindy and Josh had... Read more

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