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Lowe's Supporting Life-Saving Care for our Region

Gabe and his family faced the biggest test of their lives when he suddenly became ill. It all started with cold-like symptoms. What his family didn't know is his sinus infection would turn life-threatening and they would need Children's Hospital,... Read more

The Lions Keep Life-Changing Eye Surgeries in London

When you think of cataracts, you generally think of the older population. But Erin and Greg learned otherwise when they discovered their three-day-old baby, Jack, had cataracts so thick he could not see. Dr. Inas Makar, Jack’s ophthalmologist at... Read more

One of Eight

A family shares the challenging and heartbreaking journey of learning their son has a rare disease. Tammy was feeding her five-week-old baby, Jasper, as he sat silently in her arms. When she looked down adoringly at her young boy, shock took over... Read more

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