Children's Hospital

Baby being cared for at Children's HospitalChildren aren’t little adults; their health care needs are extremely complex and they require specialized paediatric expertise, multi-disciplinary care and dedicated equipment to meet their needs. 

Children’s Hospital, London Health Sciences Centre is the primary care centre for the children and youth of London and Middlesex County, and the regional referral centre for children’s health care across Southwestern Ontario and parts of Northern Ontario. Children’s Hospital is a world-class facility with the latest technologies and value-added programs that promote health and support the patient and family health care experience.

It is home to some of the best paediatric specialists, scientists and health professionals in Canada. Children’s Hospital is uniquely focused on the needs of our children, while leveraging and benefiting from the support of an acute care teaching hospital.

Children’s Hospital saves our region’s kids:

Serving a population of more than 2.1 million, with over 400,000 children, Children’s Hospital cares for our region’s most critically ill, and last year:

  •    Received over 106,250 child visits, or 291 visits per day
  •    33,000 clinical visits to the Paediatric Medical Day Unit
  •    36,000 visits through Emergency
  •    Supported over 1,000 critically ill babies in Neonatal Intensive Care
  •    Treated over 600 children in the Paediatric Critical Care Unit
  •    Cared for more than 685 children with cancer.

Children’s Hospital provides the finest paediatric care available. Thank you for helping to make this exceptional level of world-class care possible and for bringing hope to precious children and their families.

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