Thames Valley Children's Centre

Child at Thames Valley Children's CentrePerseverance. Strength. Determination. Hard work and bravery – these are all words that come to mind when we think of Thames Valley Children’s Centre (TVCC) – our regional centre for children and young adults with physical disabilities, communication disorders, developmental delays and autism spectrum disorders. 

Through a multi-disciplinary team of paediatric clinicians and therapists, TVCC provides assessment, diagnosis, consultation and therapy for over 7,900 children and youth across Southwestern Ontario every year.

Their work and innovations have made TVCC a pioneer in the treatment and management of children with disabilities and special needs, to help children and youth move beyond disability, reach their goals and actively participate in their families and communities.

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Whether it’s opening new doors for a child with autism, finding a way for a child to communicate freely or helping a child take their first steps, by supporting Children’s Health Foundation you are helping TVCC provide essential support services to improve children’s quality of life. Thank you for helping to make a profound difference in children’s lives by supporting exceptional programs and rehabilitation services.

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