4 Reasons Why Smile Cookies are the Best!

4 Reasons Why Smile Cookies are the Best!

It’s that time of the year again! Kids are back in school, summer vacation’s over and across the country, Smile Cookies are flying off the racks at your local Tim Horton’s.

There’s many reasons to love Smile Cookie week but here are our favourite:

1.    They are delicious.

There is  something just so extra special about that gooey blue and pink icing that shines on top  of those chocolate chunk cookies.

It adds something special, and it is irresistible. That’s why it’s always smart to buy more than one Smile Cookie –  you know you’ll be craving more!

A picture perfect Smile Cookie next to Smile Cookies in real life.
Credit: www.reddit.com/r/ExpectationVsReality

2.    They are all unique.

Just like your smiling face, no Smile Cookie is alike. And when you pull a cookie out of the bag, or box – that happy face is always a surprise.

Sometimes you’ll get the most photogenic Smile Cookie. Perfectly round blue eyes, a smooth pink semi-circle of a smile. It looks almost too good to eat!

And sometimes, they may be a bit…wonky. And that’s the fun part!

Not only does that make for the silliest of #SmileCookie selfies, but you know that Tim Horton’s employees are hustling hard  to get those cookies out the door and into your hands. It’s a good thing too – because that means more support for local charities like us!

We say, the wonkier, the better!

3.    They are fun to share.

What’s better than getting a Smile Cookie? Giving one!

Share some smiles with lots of friends, family or even your team – make a pre-order. It’s easy to do and that way there’s no worries about them selling out when  you arrive to get them.

Do you have someone special who could use a smile? Have a few Smile Cookies delivered using UberEats, Skip the Dishes or Door Dash!

Support kids like Jenna by buying a Smile Cookie

4.    They help kids!

A portion of every Smile Cookie sold at London and Dorchester Tim Horton’s locations goes to support life-saving equipment for the NICU at Children’s Hospital. Equipment Jenna relied on as a premature baby.

Born at 24 weeks, Jenna experienced many struggles. Thanks to specialized care and life-saving equipment that your Smile Cookie helps support, Jenna came home after 114 days in the NICU!



This week only – September 13 to 19 – stop by a Tim Hortons location in London and Dorchester for a Smile Cookie and enjoy a sweet treat that gives back to your local Children’s Hospital.

Families that rely on specialized paediatric care, like Jenna’s, thank you for your continued support of this event!

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