Become Dr. Beary Goode’s Email Pen Pal

If you didn’t know, Dr. Beary Goode is quite the celebrity. As the Chief of Hugs and High Fives at Children’s Hospital, you can find him making his rounds on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays around the units spreading joy. One boy was even known to go searching through the halls for his favourite big teddy bear!

While Dr. Beary Goode loves these interactions with patients, and the other community members he meets while out at Children’s Health Foundation events. Unfortunately, these rounds and events have been cancelled. Dr. Beary Goode misses his friends! So, he set up an email address and started an email ‘pen pal’ program!

Kids of all ages can now write him letters to stay in touch in between visits. Send him an email at and let him know what you are up to! You may even get to know him better – he can’t talk, but he can write! Attach pictures or videos from your emails, maybe some beautiful artwork you have been working on at home!

Dr. Beary Goode can’t wait to hear from you!

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