Born 2 months early with 2 holes in her heart – this is Maia’s story

Maia has known Children’s Hospital her whole life.

She was born 2 months early with two holes in her heart.

After her open-heart surgery at just 7 months old, Maia began visiting Children’s Hospital every week to make sure her heart stayed strong!

Between her prematurity and her heart, Maia has always been so vulnerable. Some kids just get the chicken pox when they’re little – vulnerable kids like Maia end up with the chicken pox and a staph infection.

Sometimes, “normal” parts of life for other kids felt scary for little Maia.

Having an expert cardiac team at Children’s Hospital made those fears a lot smaller.

Each week, Maia had the reassurance of her health care team in the CP Healthy Hearts Lab as they performed tests using state-of-the-art equipment. Every good result was a relief.

And Maia knew that if her tests results weren’t what she expected, Children’s Hospital would always be there for her.

“The team at Children’s really prioritized me as an individual. They took the time to help me understand my own medical issues and normalize what happens for me as a cardiology patient.” – Maia

Today, Maia still considers her Children’s Hospital team the reason she could grow into a strong advocate for her own care. Maia’s team helped give her all the support she needed to confidently transition into adult care last year.

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