Colton & Lochlan collected toys for kids at Children's Hospital

Bringing Holiday Joy to Kids at Children’s Hospital

Sometimes, the smallest ones have the biggest hearts! Check out this story of why young Colton loves to collect toys for our toy drive, as told by his mom, Paige:

“It all started a few years ago when our family revisited the Inpatient Unit at Children’s Hospital. My youngest son, Lochlan, had spent two weeks on the floor as baby, receiving care for meningitis.

During our return visit, Colton, my older son, asked if the kids got to go home for Christmas. I told him how some kids were not able to and had to stay in hospital.

Just two years old at the time, he got very emotional. He was worried that Santa wouldn’t find the kids! I explained how Santa was magic and that I’m sure Dr. Beary Goode had told him all about each child, but he just didn’t understand.

That day, Colton decided that he wanted to play Santa and asked if we could bring some toys. I put a request on my Facebook and the toys came pouring in!

When it came to drop the toys off at Children’s Health Foundation, Colton was adamant about dressing as Santa and having Lochlan as his helper elf.

Three Christmases later, Colton still gets so excited seeing all the gifts coming in for “the hospital kids.” He still has to dress as Santa and Lochlan still has to be his elf.

This year was special because Lochlan was old enough that Colton was able to tell his brother why he started it.

Colton says, ‘Remember when you lived in the hospital and now you don’t? And they gave us a toy to feel better? These are for kids like you who live there over Christmas! But don’t worry, I’ll get you a present too.’”

Thank you, Colton, Lochlan and your friends and family for supporting our toy drive and ensuring that children in hospital over the holidays have a little bit of happiness!


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