Children's Health Research Institute

child at CHRIChildren’s Health Research Institute (CHRI) is home to 148 scientists and researchers who are continually searching out new prevention strategies, therapies and cures for childhood illnesses. CHRI aims to develop new diagnostics and therapeutic strategies that optimize the physical and mental health of our region’s kids. 

Supported by the generosity of donors who contribute to Children’s Health Foundation, Children’s Health Research Institute is the third largest, hospital-based child health research institute in Canada.

How CHRI supports our kids

Our basic molecular, clinical and population-based researchers translate knowledge acquired in the lab into better and new treatments for children. Children’s Health Research Institute brings this knowledge to hospital bedsides and beyond, as quickly as possible, to find new treatment options for the children who need them most.

From unraveling the mysteries of childhood genetic disorders to searching out new treatments for cancer, and discovering new ways to make children’s lives better, the questions scientists ask today become the medical breakthroughs of tomorrow – giving sick children and their families hope for the future.

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