Cordelia’s Early Diagnosis Saved Her Life

Before Cordelia was born she was a patient with Children’s Hospital.

Following her mother’s 20-week ultrasound they were immediately referred to Paediatric Cardiology at Children’s Hospital.

Using a state-of-the-art echocardiography machine, Cordelia’s health care team at Children’s performed a fetal echocardiogram - a specialty ultrasound - to confirm that she had a congenital heart defect.

A diagnosis for a newborn baby is terrifying for any parent but her health care team’s early diagnosis at Children’s ensured Cordelia would receive the care she needed at the first possible moment.

Right after birth Cordelia underwent open-heart surgery.

Cordelia and her family were incredibly resilient and now Cordelia visits Children’s once a year for her cardiology appointments. Her health care team ensures she is healthy and can live her life without worry.

Her yearly check-ins and tests with experts at Children’s use life-saving medical equipment to ensure that nine-year-old Cordelia’s heart is and stays healthy.

Your support of Corus Radiothon for Children’s helps ensure that the highest quality medical equipment is available in the CP Healthy Hearts Lab at Children’s to ensure that young hearts stay in tip-top shape.

Cordelia is one of many children who may never have survived her first few days of life if doctors at Children’s Hospital hadn’t been able to diagnose her condition before birth.

Kids like Cordelia need YOU to stand by them while they face difficult moments of life-threatening diagnoses.

Listen to Corus Radiothon on March 3 to learn how our generous donors ensure kids at Children’s Hospital have the life-saving support they need to enjoy more moments of fun, laughter and just being a kid.

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