Door-to-Door Fundraising

You may see Children’s Health Foundation canvassers in your neighbourhood, inspiring people to become monthly donors to support the best possible health care for kids in our region.

 Monthly donors provide critical, unrestricted funding to fund the most urgent needs at Children’s Hospital, TVCC and Children’s Health Research Institute. From funding care-enhancing programs and state-of-the-art equipment to groundbreaking research, giving monthly is the best way for individuals to provide dependable funds our partners can rely on.

Please consider joining our Caring Hearts Monthly Donor program – you will be joining the most powerful community supporting kids’ health in Western Ontario!

Door to Door Fundraising with Children's Health Foundation

Door-to-Door COVID-19 Safety Measures:

This door-to-door campaign is one of many fundraising campaigns held by Children’s Health Foundation and the roll-out plans are in alignment with the province of Ontario’s phase one relaunch requirements.

Canvassers will be dressed in Children’s Health Foundation branded clothing and will wear an ID badge identifying themselves.

In compliance with provincial requirements, canvassers have taken necessary precautions to ensure the safety of themselves and the public. This includes the use of personal protective equipment, appropriate social distancing measures and no physical marketing materials will be used.

A Few of Our Door-to-Door Fundraisers:

Patrick Jukes

Patrick Jukes

Senior Fundraising Manager

Melanie French

Program Manager


Beth Mote


Adam Prouse


Amal Matan


Frequently Asked Questions:

Door to door fundraising is both a cost-effective and personal way to reach a new demographic of donors that we would not reach otherwise. By coming face to face with our prospective donors, our fundraisers are able to engage in rich dialogue about the impact donors have in transforming paediatric health care in our region. Our hope is that more Londoners become aware of how they can help us grow and sustain our mission to provide the best possible care and most possible hope for our kids.

In addition to the white vests adorned with the Children’s Health Foundation logo, all Children’s Health Foundation fundraisers have identification badges and nametags attached to a blue Children’s Health Foundation lanyard. They should have a good knowledge about the main priorities funded by Children’s Health Foundation. They will also carry a tablet to securely capture donor data. They do not ask nor accept cash donations.

Children’s Health Foundation works collaboratively with Public Outreach, a trusted fundraising partner. Our canvassers are compensated hourly for their efforts with no commission. They receive comprehensive training and follow Imagine Canada’s ethical fundraising code. 

This allows Children’s Health Foundation to ensure greater accuracy and also verify the donor’s intentions. Your verification call will be coming from a phone number that starts with 647-495-97**.

For the safety and best interests of our donors and our team, fundraisers do not accept or carry cash donations. Instead, they carry a tablet with encrypted payment software. If you want to make a gift through credit card or PayPal you can do so by visiting our online donation form here.

Yes. All data that is captured is encrypted in real time and processed in a compliant environment according to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI Compliant). No data is stored on the tablet nor is it shared with anyone. This is a safe and accurate way to acquire credit card payment and reduce administrative costs, human error and eliminate data loss.

You can change your gift amount or cancel your monthly giving altogether at any time by calling 519-432-8564 or emailing

If you’ve had an exceptional experience with a Children’s Health Foundation fundraiser, or even one that wasn’t so great, we’d like to hear about it. Please call our friendly Support Services team at 519-432-8564 or by email at

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