Jacob McKay Memorial (virtual) Races for Children’s Hospital

Jacob McKay Memorial Races

This event has expired

Run/walk one or more distances in May to raise funds for Children’s Hospital for the lowly “entrance fee” of a $5 (or more) donation to the hospital. 100% of entry fees will go to the hospital. For fun, fitness, and/or friendly competition. But mostly, to support a great cause! Your donation gives you access to run one or more events from May 14th through 16th. You may run or walk on roads, trails, and/or treadmills (or backyards, living rooms, etc.)


  • Kids, 100 metres , 250 metres, 1 km, 2.5 km, 5 km
  • Adults, 1 km walk, 1 km run, 5 km, 10 km, 15 km, half-marathon (21.1 km), 30 km, marathon (42.2 km), 50 km


  1. Follow the social distancing rules/regulations/guidelines which exist in your community.
  2. Be safe. Have fun.
  3. You may stop your time for traffic lights, bathroom breaks etc., but otherwise, your run or walk should be as continuous as possible.
  4. You may not use split times as race times for other events. For example, if you run the marathon distance, you may not use your 5k split for the 5k race, you must run a separate 5 km for the 5 km race.
  5. You can run or walk for fun, or for friendly competition.
  6. If running for competition, email me your times for any completed distances and I will order finishes (honour system, no need for pictures of watches, Strava, etc.). You may run a distance multiple times if you want to. Only your fastest time will count for placement.
  7. Race results must be submitted via email to neilgordonmckay@gmail.com by 8 pm Eastern time on May 16th to be counted.
  8. Races are open to runners/walkers worldwide. Please share!


In 2014, our son, Jacob Carter McKay, was born stillborn as a result of Potter’s Syndrome, days after I completed my first marathon. In memory of Jacob, I am running 100 miles/160km at the Happy Trails Racing Foxtail Hundred rail trail race this August to raise money for the London Children’s Hospital.


  1. Make your donation to the Children’s Hospital through this link (click on the “Donate Now” button): http://chfou.convio.net/site/PageNavigator/IFE/Neil160km_landing.html
  2. You will receive a tax receipt via email.
  3. Email the receipt to me at neilgordonmckay@gmail.com as proof of entry. Please use the title “memorial run” for your email.
  4. Along with your receipt, please include your name, the distance(s), your location, and age. You may register more than one person with your donation. Please ensure you have donated a minimum of $5 for each person, and that you also include the requested information for them as well.

Any questions, please contact me through this page or via email at neilgordonmckay@gmail.com

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