Krispy Kreme Fundraiser

This event has expired

We will be taking orders from now until September 13th. September is Dr. Beary Goode’s birthday month! He is excited to be sharing his special day with you all. His wish this year is for all his friends to participate in his Krispy Kreme Fundraiser and share in his love of doughnuts. Dr. Beary Goode appreciates you helping make his wish come true as net proceeds of your order will support the Children’s Hospital, London Health Sciences Centre.

Please submit your order through this form.

Along with completing the pre-order form, please be sure to submit payment by e-transfer to – please note that e-transfers must be received prior to September 17th in order to receive your box of donuts.

Your order can be picked up Monday September 20th between 3 and 8 PM at 345 Westminster Ave.

Contact Mallory Eaton via email with any questions.

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