NICU Photos by Little Lulu Photography

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If you or your child(ren) needed the NICU for any reason this event is for you! This is a fundraiser to raise funds for the NICU at Children’s Hospital in partnership with Children’s Health Foundation. You just print an 11x14 black and white photo of yourself or baby in the NICU, frame it, and bring it to your photoshoot. Details such as location, time, days, and FAQs are posted in our Facebook group and slots are filling up quickly so be sure to join us soon!

The cost is by donation. There is no minimum amount, its 100% up to you, photos are shared with you and a batch of photos are hung outside the NICU to encourage the families inside when they walk by and see the thriving happy kids who were once preemies like them.

To learn more, visit the Facebook group or send an email to

Start Time
12:30 PM
Sunday, September 18, 2022
Finish Time
02:30 PM
Sunday, September 18, 2022
Constitution Park - 735 Grenfell Dr, London ON N5X 2C4

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