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Your generosity will purchase advanced imaging technology, finding answers that lead to life-changing solutions.

When twins Amelia and Harper started needing frequent hospitalization for pneumonia, their worried parents started asking questions.

“We know kids pick up germs at daycare. But this was beyond typical sickness,” says the girls’ mom, Jessica, adding the four-year-olds had needed to be admitted six times in eight months. “We wondered if there might be an underlying cause.”

The family relied on Children’s Hospital for answers. One of the most powerful tools utilized by medical professionals in their search was imaging equipment.

Fluoroscopy imaging, which creates an x-ray movie, allowed them to see the girls’ upper gastrointestinal tracts – and unlock important information.

“The image study found that Amelia and Harper were aspirating, meaning that food and water were entering their lungs. A paralyzed left vocal cord was the cause in both of my girls,” explains Jessica. “Knowing there was an issue allowed us to make immediate adjustments to their feeding and drinking and protect them from infections.”

Amelia and Harper are already healthier, with only one admission in the last nine months. The family also has hope because now that they know the cause, their team can find solutions to fix their paralyzed vocal cords.

“Imaging is life-changing for finding results and giving answers. The technology has given me confidence that my girls are growing and developing as they should be.”

Your support is needed to help more children, like Amelia and Harper, who need imaging to discover threats to their health. Children’s has the opportunity to enhance fluoroscopy imaging through new cutting-edge technology.

A TIMS unit is a recording device that allows you to save and playback the imaging captured during a fluoroscopy study.

“Currently, all we can save is one static image. The TIMS unit would be transformational,” says Michelle Falkiner, Manager of General and Paediatric Radiography.

Adding this advanced recording technology to our fluoroscopy suite will:

  • Improve diagnosis and care for our patients by equipping medical professionals with high quality and detailed images.
  • Add an additional layer of safety by minimizing exposure to radiation through fewer repeat imaging procedures
  • Enhance education by giving students the opportunity to review and learn from archived recordings.

The cost of the TIMS unit is $42,000. Your gift of any size, combined with the generosity of others, will make this important purchase possible.

Please make your most generous gift today. Together, we can unlock answers that protect our kids’ lives.

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