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London Community Foundation Supports Continuing Education

The London Community Foundation’s Vital People Award Program and Community Fund is enabling non-profit employees to strengthen the impact they make on our community by funding professional development opportunities.

Rebecca Milec, the Manager of Marketing and Communications at Children’s Health Foundation, was fortunate to receive a grant from the program to support her in pursuing a Communication Management Masters at McMaster University.

“Undertaking a Masters program while working full-time has been no easy feat. I am grateful to the London Community Foundation’s Vital People Award Program for recognizing the importance of continuing education and for the support they have provided me,” says Milec. “Their grant has helped to cover the cost of my tuition and supplies, making it easier for me to focus my efforts on learning best practices to enhance our communications and fundraising for sick children and their families.”

Over the last year, Milec has learned a mix of communications and business practices, from public relations and reputation management to finance and accounting. These courses have taught her valuable information that is directly applicable to her job at Children’s. In particular, during the pandemic, her course learnings have helped her to lead the launch of the Stand By Me Campaign, inspiring much-needed donations during difficult economic times.

“Because I have immersed myself in education, everything that I do has a new lens of communications strategy and best practice. I bring these new insights to my job every day,” says Milec.

Thank you, London Community Foundation, for your support of professional development that empowers non-profit employees to thrive.

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