Thank You
Front-Line Heroes!

During this time, it is important for the community to stand united against COVID-19.  Even while practicing physical distancing, we can still show our hearts!

We asked the Children’s community to share messages of love and support for our front-line heroes. 

You can send your own message here. You will receive a free heart sticker for your window!

Thanks you to the community for doing your part to keep our staff safe and the community spread low. I love seeing all the home made signs that I see on my way to work and in my neighbourhood. Truly proud of this city and all the great people in it!

-Tricia B.


Thank you Dr. Levin for all the work you do. Thank you Dr. Rigby for being such an amazing doctor. You are the best!

-Iffat Z.


We had a scary experience with our young son being ill, who had a short stay at LHSC Children’s Hospital. The staff were so sensitive and caring towards our family and made our stay comfortable. They went above and beyond for us. We trusted them with all our heart and thank each and every one for their dedication and compassion during this most difficult time. We will always keep you in our hearts and minds. THANK YOU!

-Stacey C.


Thank you for your caring hearts!

-Tina L.


True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic. It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever cost. ~Arthur Ashe

-Meagan M.


You are the best set of human being the All Mighty has ever created to help, cure and provide medical attention to the community and fight against all evils in the society. You are the real Super Heroes. Real Life-Avengers!

-Goutam S.


I really appreciate everyone who puts themselves on the line to keep us safe. I know it’s hard being away from loved ones and family but I just want to say thank you for everything you do.

-Jen R.


Thank you for all the hard work you do to keep our community safe. It shows so much courage and integrity to put yourself in harms way for the sake of others and I hope you know we are grateful for your work. It’s people like you that make this world a better place to live in.

-Melissa R.


My grand daughter came from a neonatal unit in Cincinnati,  USA. I appreciated seeing the little hats and baby items that people had created for her. My daughter was so overwhelmed that she needed that encouragement. You make the difference for these parents and children, in these times of Covid-19  scares… your personal, caring touches make  the difference a humane, caring hospital experience  or a frustrating beginning for these babies and their families.

-Ellen A.


Thank you so much to all the staff at Children’s Hospital.  We in London are so appreciative of what you are doing for all the kids and their families.  You are working incredibly hard, day after day in such challenging conditions.  We continue to pray for your health, strength and courage.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

-Evelyn P.


To all the health care workers at Children’s Hospital and beyond, you are all our heroes during this very challenging times. I truly understand the challenges you are going through as my daughter in law and nephews wife are RN’s. Not only are you challenged with medically treating the children but now have lost the much needed ongoing support from family and friends who are the extended arm of nurses and doctors in their treatment and social needs. Our hearts and thoughts go out to all of you. Take care and stay healthy!

-John S.


THANK YOU for taking care of our family, friends, and neighbours. You are real-life heroes!

-Victoria C.


Sending lots of love n hugs to you all. Been thinking about everything that you all do for us all.  Keep well. Xo

-The Murch/ Demars Family


Thank you to all staff at Children’s Hospital and LHSC . We are so lucky to live in a city with such great support and care from 3 hospitals! The children are blessed to be cared for by each and every one of you!

-Ruthanne P.


Thank you so much for everything you do. You guys are awesome!

-Madison G.


It always used to amaze me how amazing the staff are with the kids, but now I am overwhelmed at the courage of the front line staff in this time of uncertainty. 

-Louise M.  – LHSC Auxiliary


Thank you for being on the front lines and taking care of our community. Your bravery and hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. I appreciate everything you do for our community. Thank you!

-Gloria D.


To all the Children’s Hospital Leadership, Nurses, Physicians, RRT’s, Ancillary and Support Staff, The work you are doing during this unprecedented  COVID 19 pandemic is truly heroic and speaks to your calling to serve the vulnerable children and families in the Southwest Region of Ontario…and beyond. You step in when the world steps out. Thank you for all you do to protect your patients and each other. You all have a special place in my heart and I wish that I could be by your side, but I will continue to support you by staying home and staying healthy! I think of you every. single. day! Stay strong, stay healthy, support each other!

-Val R.

To all those who give love, care and support to sick children every day, thank you!  Your bravery and compassion is incredible.

-Kristen W.

Thank you so much for being a super hero during this challenging time. Your amazing work is greatly appreciated! Big hugs and stay safe!

-Cindy G.

No matter how rough the storm is, there is always a rainbow to follow.  Don’t lose hope.

-Brittni F.

Thank you for dedicating your time to keeping US safe. We appreciate your effort, love, and care more than you can ever know!! We support all you do! Thank you! 🙂

-Raghed A.

Thank you will never be enough.  We are grateful for you everyday.  Thank you and stay safe! xo

-Kristy B.

Stay strong during this difficult time.   We can’t personally show you how much you mean, but trust us when we say you mean the world to so many.   Love you all!

-Claudia M.

Thank you all, for being incredibly brave and working during this terrifying time to help those in need. Our family recognizes the sacrifices you are all making, including staying away from your own families. We are so unbelievably thankful for you all and hope you know how much we truly appreciate you.

-Felicidy H.

Thank you for all you are doing.  You are in our thoughts and prayers. We are all rooting for you! Thank you times a million keep up the amazing work.

-Juliana B.

I am so proud of each and everyone of you. It must be hard to come to work each day facing the unknown. But yet you come in with a smile and encouragement for all you meet in the day. Thank you for all that you do and the sacrifices you are making to do the job that you love, You are truly heroes.

-Debbie T.

I believe it takes a special kind of person to do what you all do, no matter what your role, to care in many different ways, being kind and caring for those who depend on you.  It’s not until times like this virus that  we really look at  how  important you are in taking care of patients and family during their stay and we should shout out a huge Thank You to you all and send a big hug your way for everything that you do.   Take care of yourselves and each other and be kind to yourself,  you make a huge difference at a tough time for those in your care and I wish you all well.     Be safe.

-Charlotte G.

Thank you to all of our fantastic health care workers who are working so hard to continue to provide excellent care under these challenging times. Stay strong and be well.

-Jennifer C.

Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication!  Know that our thoughts, prayers and positive energies are being sent to each and everyone of you!!!!  Be safe and stay healthy!

-Jillian T

For all the selfless, amazing work you do. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  

-Joy P.

We are truly grateful to all the staff at the Children’s Hospital who took care of our son almost 40 years ago. Your kindness, dedication and caring made a very difficult situation bearable. We keep you in our prayers and send big hugs and warmest wishes that scourge will be over soon. Stay safe and well!

-David N.

Thank you for all you do! You are the heroes of this pandemic. We will get though this because of you!

-Michelle N.

Thank you for all the hard work you do!! You are awesome!! 🙂

-Amy T.

I just want to take this time to say how grateful we all are for the health workers that put themselves in harms way to help protect us all. Thank you so much.

-Carol B.

Thank you to all the health care workers who are getting us through this pandemic. We are thinking of you always and hoping for your safety as we do our part staying at home <3

-Caroline M.

God couldn’t be here to help us so instead he send you guys to protect this world. You are the really heroes and true warriors and protector. The world could have come to an end if it weren’t for your time and help. I hope everyone is doing well and safe.

-Jasmine K.

Thank you all for being the ones we rely on when the world is in such turmoil. I pray for your health and safety, for that of your families and that your spirits stay strong against this mighty adversary. Your service is beyond value and I promise to never let our politicians forget it.

-Patricia G.

Thank you to all of our front line healthcare workers. You inspire us with your bravery and willingness to walk through the doors of the hospital every single day and put your own health in jeopardy to help others. We salute you, and we sincerely appreciate you. Thank you for everything you do!

-Amanda R.

I would just like to thank the front line workers at Children’s Hospital for keeping our future heroes safe. I would like to say putting yourself at risk every day so our children can have a future is awesome and you are all Heroes.

-Karen P.

To our front line health care workers, thank you for your loving and dedicated support, expertise, and commitment to our community in helping us all during this time. You are our heroes and we are grateful and blessed to have you in our lives. THANK YOU

-Janine R.

I would like to say thank you to the Front Line Staff for your continuous service during these trying times that we are currently experiencing. As you continue to juggle both your work and personal lives know that you have support and caring from this community.

-Cheryl M.

“You cannot do anything about what is behind you, but you can do a great deal about what lies ahead of you.” 


Thank you seems such a small word at this time but there is no other way to share our grateful feelings towards all that everyone is doing. Kindness, Empathy, Passion and the list goes on! Your smiles and courage mean so very much. “THANK YOU”

– Patient Experience Team

You are each going above and beyond to help others during this challenging time. Our silent prayers and our gratitude go out to you each and every day. God Bless.

-Bill and Cathy, Truppe Health Care Products & Service

Thank you for showing up every day while many of us get to stay home with our families, I know it can be hard but we appreciate it! While home I am trying to organize scrub caps so we are all doing our part!

-Krysten M.

Keep up the good fight on COVID-19! Cathal and Daithi say hello and good luck!

-Simon G.

Thank you for all you do, you are truly heroes for all of us as we go through this very difficult time. God bless you all and stay safe.

-Johanna D.

We are beyond grateful for all the wonderful work the staff at Children’s Hospital are doing. You are the true Heroes.

– Betsy J.

We appreciate you and thank you for your support!

-Dionne P.

We are grateful for your sacrifice! We support you!

-Darcey P.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! To everyone working at our hospitals, thank you from the bottom of my heart. We are all beyond grateful for your bravery and incredible dedication to helping complete strangers during these crazy times. Thank you for putting your lives on hold to help others have as normal a life as possible. You are all every day superheroes… and always.

-Dave C.

I appreciate and applaud the tremendous efforts of our health care workers at this time. Thank you very much!

-Carman H.

With the world in a messy, crazy and scary state , you are up front pushing through daily. Your strength and dedication to your career is noticed and we can’t thank you enough!! Stay strong and keep fighting the good fight! “Tough times don’t last, tough people do.”

-Lexi & Family, Former NICU Grad

Thank you so much for all your efforts and kindness in these harsh times! You are truly inspirational for all that you are doing, and thank you for helping to save so many lives!

-Shruthi S.

Thank you for all your hard work 🙂 We love you guys. God bless all of you and your family xxx

-Svetlana S.

Breathe in the fresh air, it will help put your mind at ease Let down your hair, raise your face to the breeze. Let your eyes wander, to all the beauty to be seen. If toxic thoughts linger, then let out a scream. There is beauty in this world, it is not a dream …its you! Thank you for all you do

-Kristina D.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all you wonderful people, for what you are doing!!! It’s not easy to brave what you do every day, but you do it for the people in this community. And for that you are our HEROES. Bless you all!!

-Debbie C.

Thank you so much to the amazing front line workers <3

-River V.

Thank you so much for working tirelessly to help the children in our community that need it. It’s good to know that children at the hospital have real superheroes to look up to.

-Corbyn G.

Please know how much you are appreciated and loved… Thank you for everything you do and are doing in this very difficult time. Also please thank your families.

-Shelly G.


-Moses M.

Thank you for always going above and beyond!!

-Lori B.

Thank you to the essential care staff that are courageous in their care and concern for our vulnerable young ones in our community.

-Leona M.

Without the help of the nurses and doctors in the NICU, our family may not be what it is today. We are so grateful for everyone who was in our circle of care when our son was flown down when he was born in January 2017. Your work never goes unnoticed, especially now!

-Paul & Heather M.

Thank you for everything you do to save lives, we appreciate you.

-Lincoln T.

To All B-6200 Crew. Thank You for everything you do to take care of the children. We love and miss everyone.

-Kaylee S.

Thank you for putting your health and safety at risk to save others! Thank you to your family for lending you to help our community stay healthy! You are a true hero!

-Love from the Norton family

Hello! I’m sure it is all very hard for you staff and also the patients in this time of the virus! Will the Lord give you strength and health to continue helping and caring for the sick! Will He also use you to keep the lives of the patients! All the Best! And stay safe! I am praying for you all!

-Heidi & Amelia V.

Shout-out to all of our frontline workers: You have always been regarded as heroes in our eyes, but I am sending along this note to let you know how important you are to all of us on the outside. You are the silver lining during these unprecedented times. Please know that we are all thinking of you and commend you on your courageous efforts and you have our full support, always! It is your bravery and dedication that will ensure we will survive this storm. We are forever indebted to you!

-The Spanics Family

Thank you for always bringing the joy and compassion you put into your work to all of our children’s lives. Stay strong and safe!

-Marissa S.

We’re always so thankful for all the hard work you guys do but even more appreciative today, of the brave staff facing this scary disease every day. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being so strong!

-Brittany A.

Thank you to the amazing staff, who have always gone above and beyond for our daughter, Rylee {and still do!} We know you are going above and beyond for everyone during this time!! You are true heroes! We love you all!

-Jason, Caroline, Jacob & Rylee W.

Thank you so much for all that you do, we are so grateful always!

-Meagan F.


Words fail to express to thank you for all you are doing. THANK YOU!

-Wilma S.


As parents of a now healthy precious girl who was critically ill, the words thank you are insufficient to express our gratitude.  We often tell others that the Doctors, Specialists, Nurses and support staff working at Children’s must be special angels sent from heaven. Without the hearts that you have for the work you do, our lives would not be the same. Bless each and every one of you.

-Heather E.


We are so thankful for LHSC and all they do!  The staff here are real life superheroes and without them our daughters who were born at 22 weeks would not be here with us.   We are praying for you all while you fight COVID-19 and we are thankful for all that you do.

-Kayla I.


Thanks, we think about you everyday and are grateful for all you do for others.

-Dawn A.


Thank you for putting in the hours and working saving people, you really are a hero!

-Emma R.


From the bottom of my heart thank you for what you do each and everyday for all. Not just now but always. You are our real heroes!

-Timea J.


Thank you for all of your hard work and sacrifice during this difficult time. It can’t have been easy but please know that we have your backs and very much appreciate the work you have done and continue to do.

-Ayushi B.


Healthcare workers are incredible and amazing. We might say ‘hero’ too much these days, but you are being courageous, selfless and kind. Your determination to help others, at risk to yourself, is truly inspiring. Please stay safe and let the community know how we can help.

-Stefanie M.


Thank you so much for your hard work and care. I’m grateful to all of our health care workers who are working hard and making incredible sacrifices for the community. Be safe, best of luck, and thank you!

-Brooklyn H.


Thank you for putting others first to provide medical care to those in need.

-Mika F.


I am so proud of all the health care heroes and would be so honoured to display a sticker in my window to show our support!   It’s the least that can be done to appreciate all the hard work and sacrifices being made by the front-lines!

-Julia T.


Hi Nurses, I hope everybody is feeling good. Thank you for saving my life. 

-Payton E.


Stay strong.  Know that the thoughts and prayers of all those that you cannot see are with you.  Thank you for everything you are doing.

-Angela B.


We could not be more proud of our Compassionate,  Selfless, Hardworking and Caring Front Line Workers in our community. Thank you for being the True Heroes and putting your own lives at risk in this very scary time in our lives. God Bless and keep you all safe and remember: “This Too Shall Pass”.

-Gigi E.


You as front line workers in this difficult time are what makes this better!!! thank you for your ongoing work… stay safe!!! 

-LeeAnne R.


Your commitment to this crisis is truly remarkable.  You are not alone in this; people are in awe of your courage and are eternally grateful. Thank you.

-Laurie P.


To each and every one of you, we want you to know that you’ re thought of and prayed for every single day. They say that angels walk in our midst, and as far as we are concerned you are living proof of that. We really can’t thank you enough, but thank you. God Bless you.

-Ted and Sherri L.


Thank you for putting your lives on the line in order to save the lives of the vulnerable!

-Brittany C.


As a fellow RPN, I would like to extend my gratitude to all of my co-workers, throughout LHSC, for their compassion and kindness during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Nurses, doctors, social workers, OT’s, PT’s, HNO’s, PSW’s and cleaning staff all play a very important role in our patients’ journeys to wellness.  I, personally, have witnessed tremendous support from the interdisciplinary team, especially during this difficult time.  Your kindness/support does NOT go unnoticed.  Keep up the great team work!!

-Connie W.


Thank you to all the healthcare workers for keeping everyone safe.

-Elliot L.


Thank you so much for being the amazingly wonderful, selfless and inspirational people you are. The world is lucky to have you in it!

-Megan J.


Thank you to all staff within the hospital for doing what you can to keep our community healthy and safe. From surgeons to cleaning staff you all play such a vital role in keeping the building operational and no act is too small! Thank you for continuing that even during this scary and unprecedented time.

-Sylas C.


There’s no one else who can do what you do with the strength that you have. Thank you!

-Stephanie D.


Our heartfelt thanks to all the dedicated health care workers and everyone who is helping in many different ways doing what they can to bring cheer to all during this dreadful pandemic. 

-Fred & Shirley W.

Thank you thank you thank you! For putting your life at risk for those of us who need you most, for being a pivotal part of flattening the curve, for being strong and courageous throughout this all, and so much more! You are the reason we are getting through this pandemic! You motivate us to stay home and do our part. Our hearts are with you when we cannot be! Thank you a million times!

-Jessica K.

Hello lovely Angels, thank you for your kindness, courage and patience during this COVID-19 pandemic, but also everyday with families, patients and people around you. It is people like you that make the health care system in Canada one of the best and allows families to deal with struggles in a gentle way. Thank you so much. I do not know all of you, but when I see you interact with each other and patients I just know you were chosen for this vocation. Thinking of you all.

-A Londoner 🙂

On behalf of the LHSC Auxiliary volunteers, I would like to thank you for your dedication and strength during this difficult time. We thank you for your support !

– Cindy Gibbs, LHSC Auxiliary, President

It’s difficult to find the words that have already been said countless times about the sacrifices you are all making. So with the risk of sounding redundant, I am truly thankful to each and every one of you. You all have families and are scared every day but you still go to work. You are the ones who are keeping things together. Without you, our system would fall apart and so many more lives would end. So from the very bottom of my heart (and that of my family) I thank you! Please keep going!

-Julie W. 

Thank you for all that you do. I’m sure that no one can truly understand the sacrifices you are making and the risks that you are taking daily. Please know that you are making huge difference in the lives of others and you are truly appreciated!

-Patti D.

Thank you for doing all that you do on a regular basis. During this time, please know so many of us are thinking of you & holding you in our prayers that you will stay safe.

-Nancy S.

Keep up the great work taking care of the little people! YOU are awesome!

-Shelley L.

Our entire family is so thankful for each and every one of you! We have always been appreciative of your dedication, love and commitment to our precious children. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Stay strong, stay healthy.

-Sheila P.

Thank you so much to all of the staff at the Children’s Hospital – I can’t imagine how difficult this time must be for you all, but know that your friendly smiles and encouraging words are a shining light for everyone you touch. I always look back at my time with the oncology teams in PMDU, the In-patient unit, and Art Therapy with happy memories, and know that you are creating those for your patients and their families even now during this difficult time. Thank you!

-Megan D.

There are not enough words to express how grateful and appreciative we are for each and everyone of you. I know first hand from volunteering there how each and every member of staff truly care about not just the patients but their families as well, always going above and beyond. Each and everyone of you are important and needed especially during these times. Please remember to take time and care of yourselves, you ARE just as important.

-Sheila, Greg and Rowan W.

Our family would like to thank you for the care that you are providing to your patients. Everyone is a very important and necessary! We hope you stay healthy and please know that you are all appreciated.

-The Clark Family

You all inspire me for the great job you are doing. I see the pictures on TV of what the masks are doing to your face. Please stay as safe as you can be and thank you for a job well done

-Nancy B.

Thinking of all of you as you provide exceptional care and support to patients and their families. Stay strong! Stay safe! You have the support of the entire community.

-Allan S.

I can’t even imagine how all support workers are feeling during this time. You are truly amazing. You are the only family many of your patients are seeing right now. Your love and support is outstanding. Never forget how much you are loved.

-Lisa S.

Thank you for your bravery, skill and compassion, working on the front-lines every day. You are so valued and appreciated by our community. We couldn’t get through this without your dedication and your presence. Stay strong! We love you!

-Catherine T.

Real heroes wear scrubs! Take an extra long hot bath or enjoy that bottle of wine, you deserve it! Please take care of yourself mentally as you can’t help others if you aren’t well yourself.

-Hannah H.

Good job taking care of a lot of people in the hospital. You are the best! Thank you for being there when people need you.

-Lindsay S.

Great job care workers! I personally would love to say that so many people are so proud of our fellow Canadian health workers, that are doing so much good to help out Canada. Good job health workers!!!

-Cooper S.

You are the heroes of today – so much is expected of you but know that you are making such a difference – thank you and Godspeed.

-Ken B.

Thank you to all of the amazing front-line workers! Your dedication to the community’s health and well-being is inspiring and does not go unnoticed!

-Brittany C.

Thank you to all the heroes wearing scrubs instead of capes!!! You all are in our thoughts. Thank you for all you do.

-Sarah G.

A huge thank you to everyone working out there, looking after those who are in need. Thank you for keeping the country running. Thank you for fighting against this virus.

– Abdullah Q.

Thank for you everything that you do! With it being such a difficult time, it’s hard to remember to stay positive! However, just know that showing up to work every day brings a little bit more of comfort and familiarity to your patients who, at this time may feel just as alone. Thanks again!

-Payton Z.

Thank you for doing the job that you do every day. Your commitment is so amazing and we are so thankful and grateful for workers like you who put your life on the line every day. Being the Grandmother of a grandson who has spent time with Children’s Hospital and is an ambassador for your health foundation we hope and pray that all of you and your families are healthy and safe. Thank you again.

-Pauline G.

Thank you for putting yourself at risk every day for people you don’t know. We appreciate all your efforts and it doesn’t go unnoticed! Thank you for keeping us safe and looking after our loved ones!

-Michelle B.

Thank you for your compassion, tireless efforts and bravery.

-Linda Y.

We can’t thank you enough for all you are doing!

-Jennifer W.

Thank you to all the amazing doctors, nurses, cardiac sonographers, CVT’s, and other paediatric staff who take such great of our children in the inpatient and outpatient areas as well as the ER! You are all wonderful!

-Miranda S.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You are the true hero in our community, and you are appreciated more than you will ever know!

-Laura H.

You are all super heroes.

-Jody Q.

I’ve seen your kindness and incredible heart at one of the worst times in my family’s life and am forever in awe of your skill, smarts, and unending compassion through any and all adversity. Forever grateful for all you do (and all you risk) to keep us safe.

-Jodie R.

I know how wonderful is our community …but I know best how great is our health care community. They are always there…willing to help..any time..and today in this unprecedented time.. is no the exception..THANK YOU!! Be careful all of you, you are in my prayers.

-Yolanda O.

To all health care staff. I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for putting your life at risk for not only me but for others. I know first hand know how hard you all work. So again thank you so, so much for caring about human life. Yours truly, Steven. Hugs and to y’all for doing a great job.. please stay safe.

-Steven H.

Thanks to all the medical and support staff at London Children’s Hospital. You are our heroes as front line workers during these challenging times. Not only do you go to work to help the sick children of our community, you are risking your own health. I’m so grateful for what you do.

-Ritchie S.

Thank you so much to all the health care professionals at Children’s Hospital. My granddaughter just spent a few days in there last week and my daughter in law and my son were so impressed with the care that their young daughter received. Your compassion, dedication and support for not only the children but their families is incredible and does not go unnoticed. Thank you for all you do on a daily basis especially in times like this. Please stay safe!

-Heather G.

Keep on doing the amazing, expert and kind care that we know you have already! You’re all in our thoughts daily and we’re cheering you on always! Keep up the awesomeness.

-The Heessels family

Thank you for all you do!! From the bottom of my heart to yours. Keep smiling!! You do GOOD things!! Thank god you are here!!

-Ellen T.

Sarah, Dr. Jardine, Ollie, Mark, Melissa and all the nurses at PMDU are real superheroes! They take care of me every week and are so brave! They are next level Avengers type heroes going to work every day with Covid out there l! Me and my mum and I are so grateful to them! Stay home and be safe so they can be safe too!

-Jack M.

Thank you for always going above and beyond!!

-Lori B.

Your courage and kindness is very much appreciated and admired. Thank you to all the front-line health workers for your dedication and strength!

-Silvina A.

Thank you for all that you do…. it takes a very special person to be able to care for others, and especially during these times of fear and uncertainty … thank you.

-Shannon B.

Thank you for all of the love you show our children daily, often sacrificing time with your own families. Your efforts do not go unnoticed. Thank you for being real life super heroes to our kids.

-Kim K.

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