Scott Fortnum presented with a check

The Children’s Group LHSC Auxiliary Celebrates 100 Years

With handmade poster boards displaying carefully knit quilts, finger puppets and smiling children being comforted with these and other beautiful creations, the Children’s Group proudly celebrated their 100th year of making patients’ stays a little more comfortable, on site at Children’s Health Foundation.  

Their many talents include making slings, medical dolls, rice heat packs for chronic pain, and for the NICU there are special sheets for the beds and incubator covers. These caring ladies have also raised funds to purchase equipment, Christmas gifts, craft supplies for patients, and donate toiletry kits for parents who arrive at Children’s Hospital unexpectedly. 

Children's Group at Centennial CelebrationThe Children’s Group LHSC Auxiliary celebrating the group’s centennial.

Children’s Hospital is honoured to have such a dedicated and long-standing group to help improve children and youth’s experiences on their medical and rehabilitative journeys. This dedicated group of volunteers have provided kids and their families with comfort and so much more for 100 years.  

And what better way to ring in a 100th Anniversary than by continuing their generosity.  

Leaders from across our health care community were thrilled to share in the Children’s Group’s special day and thank them for their most recent contribution, $12,000 towards two vital pieces of equipment: 

  • a portable x-ray machine for Paediatric Surgery  
  • sleeper chairs for the Inpatient rooms so parents can sleep comfortably, right at their child’s bedside  
Jackie Schleifer Taylor and Dr. Victor Han
Jackie Schleifer Taylor, President and CEO of LHSC; Dr. Victor Han, Chair, Division of Neonatal Perinatal Medicine join in the celebration to recognize the Children’s Group’s legacy and their recent generosity.

Jackie Schleifer Taylor, President and CEO of LHSC; Dr. Craig Campbell, Chair of Paediatrics; Dr. Victor Han, Chair, Division of Neonatal Perinatal Medicine.; and Scott Fortnum, President and CEO of Children’s Health Foundation all shared their appreciation for the Children’s Group.  

As President and CEO Scott Fortnum shared, “The Children’s Group LHSC Auxiliary brings with it such a history of comfort and belonging. With each quilt, bib and other handmade item, you have ensured that families experience a piece of home within the hospital and brought our kids so much comfort. You have also tirelessly funded the equipment that helps advance kids’ treatments like the portable x-ray, and special furniture that prioritizes parents staying right by their child’s side, with the sleeper chairs. The Children’s Group helps every facet of our young patients’ health care journeys, and we could not be more thankful.”  



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