The Lions Keep Life-Changing Eye Surgeries in London

When you think of cataracts, you generally think of the older population. But Erin and Greg learned otherwise when they discovered their three-day-old baby, Jack, had cataracts so thick he could not see.

Dr. Inas Makar, Jack’s ophthalmologist at Children’s Hospital, London Health Sciences Centre, gave the new parents hope and confidence. “She had a plan and was optimistic about his outcome. She let us know Jack would need surgery in one eye, then a week later in the other to remove the cataracts.”

“And that is exactly what happened. Our son had sight again,” recalls Erin.

At one year of age, they discovered Jack’s cataracts were caused by a genetic condition, Lowe syndrome. In addition to cataracts, it causes delayed development, weak muscle tone and an increased risk of glaucoma. Jack was diagnosed with glaucoma when he was five.

Now nine, Jack continues to see Dr. Makar at Children’s Hospital every six months.

It was a vitrectomy machine that saved Jack’s vision. A piece of equipment that has become outdated, as it is over 20 years old, and in desperate need of replacement. Thankfully, the Lions Eyes Right Foundation and the Lions Clubs International Foundation made a generous donation of $140,000 to purchase a brand new vitrectomy machine. Because of this gift, the team at Children’s can continue to perform cataract surgeries and vitrectomies, keeping them as close to home as possible.

“With everything we’ve been through, I’m extremely grateful that my son has access to exceptional eye care in London. I can’t imagine if we had had to travel to Toronto for Jack’s eye surgeries and then continue to return to the busy city for postoperative care. I believe it would have placed a lot of added stress on our family,” expresses Erin.

Thank you Lions Eyes Right Foundation and the Lions Clubs International Foundation for your incredible generosity. You are helping to keep kids close to home while preserving their eyesight so that they can fully see all that their futures have to offer!

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