A stay at Children’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) can be a difficult start to motherhood

Nour was born at 24 weeks, needing the expert care of Children’s Hospital’s NICU. Her mother Yussra was terrified. She had no idea they would leave the NICU stronger, with best friends for life. 

“I was 24 weeks and 1 day pregnant with Nour and her twin Malak. Everything was going smooth until I felt my water breaking. I was rushed to antenatal and visited by the NICU staff. It was terrifying at first. I didn’t know anything about the NICU or even that it existed.I gave birth to my twins on December 3, 2018. They both weighed around 700 grams when they were born.” Nour’s Mom, Yussra. 

A month later, Jenna came into the NICU needing the same care and as both girls were tucked safely into isolettes and Panda Warmers, their mothers leaned on one another. 

“When I first got pregnant, I imagined how everything would be. I’d give birth to Jenna and Iyla, stay in the hospital for a few days, and come home.But that’s not how it went for us.Born at 24 weeks, Jenna and Iyla braved infections, intubations and more. Before our stay in the NICU, I had no idea children could be born at 22, 23, 24 weeks… I never even thought that would be possible.”  Jenna’s Mom, Sharon. 

Both women faced one of the most difficult days of their lives together. While their medical teams did everything, they could for both of their twins, Malakand Iylapassed away. 

Together in the NICU, Yussra and Shanon went through the same loss. Having someone who understood helped. They leaned on one another and are bonded by the strength they gave each other as Nour and Jenna pushed through. 

With the help of equipment like the Panda Warmer that monitored their vital signs, like their heart rate, breathing and oxygen, both Jenna and Nour had all the necessary tools by their sides to provide the best possible care, and were able to safely grow stronger in the NICU.  

Nearly 100 days later, both Jenna and Nour graduated from the NICU. 

Today, Jenna and Nour are walking, talking and being their smiley selves.They both love to run and play outside!  

Today, Jenna and Nour are walking, talking and being her smiley selves, they both love to run and play outside.

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