Where Is Tia Now? Our 2022 Children’s Miracle Champion Child Has An Exciting Future Ahead!

You may remember Tia, our 2022 Children’s Miracle Network Champion Child.

Tia was only two years old when her physician heard a heart murmur and referred her to Children’s Hospital.

Her family was shocked to discover she had multiple congenital heart defects and required surgery.

Just three days after heart surgery, Tia was discharged from the hospital, ready to take on the world!

Now Tia is doing just that, taking on the world as strong as she entered it.

Tia has never ever asked “why me” or complained about a single doctor’s appointment or procedure- she has always been strong and mighty.

After fighting through many hospital visits, Tia has continued to grow into a smart young woman who finds joy and strength in karate and gymnastics.

She also embraces her creative side, loves to draw, and getting lost in music.

Thanks to the support and care Tia received she has the chance to be ambitious and build her own future!

Because of donors like you, kids don’t only get to be kids, but they get a chance at building their futures!

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